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Friday, 10 October 2014

Make Your Life Magical

Dearest friends,

Guess what day is today? That's right, it's Friday :)  Everyone seems to be more and more cheerful as the weekend approaches and even at work all things go smoother when it's Friday. While on conference calls people joke and even you begin to feel the smile on their lips as they know rest time is coming. People somehow are in a mood for magical things only on weekends, during the week they are too serious and self-centered and very much grown up for funny things and for enjoying the moments that really matter in life.
Remember that one quote from Alice in Wonderland, written by Lewis Carroll? The one that goes like “Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Well, do tell me, how many impossible and magical things have you thought of before breakfast? How was today different than the other day or than the Friday a week or two ago? Sometimes I really believe that we are somehow caught up in a circle and every day is just like the other one: work - home - work + the happy weekends. How do you make your days special? How do you live your life? Do you leave time to just flow and take its regular course or do you take a step in front and turn proactive?
Last weekend I was taking a simple stroll in the park, trying to get home to my adorable husband as fast as I could. The stroll turned in a big smile when I bumped into an endless hopscotch painted on the path in the park. A piece of streetart that made me smile and think of my childhood. Further on there was a painted van and a group of people playing games. It reminded me how little we enjoy the small things in our life and how we leave time to just pass us by. We see Monday to Friday as grey, dark and colorless; we take refuge in weekend where all we do is lay down and rest. It seems so sad :(
I was trying to think of things that would make life magical and I thought I may share my thoughts with you. Maybe even find out from you new ways of bringing a smile on my face and for the ones I love and care about. Here are 10 ways to brighten up the day, that I came up with:
  1. Plan the trip of your lifetime, the kind that you would put on your Bucket List. Think of how you would get there and what you would do. Trail your thoughts from the place you would lay your head upon to where you would go eat and what souvenirs you would buy. Remember how even window-shopping makes you smile? Well thinking of beautiful places and learning more and more about them will surely boost up your morale ;) 
  2. Make the meal you would never forget - spend the day searching for the perfect ingredients, make sure everything is fresh and squeaky clean and knock that reciepe out! Even if you have no idea how to cook and at the end you would need to order in ;) Do it together with your better half and have fun. It doesn't have to end up perfectly, the important thing is that you are both in it together, sharing a moment :)
  3. Build a place just for the 2 of you (or for the non-couples, just for yourself) - depending on the place/space you have it may be a tent or just a piece of blanket under which both of you would hide from the world. Nobody hears you there or sees you so you can talk to your hearts contempt and noone will know about it! What is said under the blanket, remains under the blanket ;)
  4. Keep a diary - you need not do it everyday and you don't have to feel oblidged to used it. Just know it is there and it can record your thoughts even when the computer dies or the phone has no battery. The paper and pen can be your true friends. We only forgot how to use them. They are like that ragged doll that once you grew up you thrown away but after a while you came back to her, as she knew your deep fears and your stories. Plus, it is well known and it has been researched that writing with your own hands, with pen and paper, can be emotionaly healing.
  5. Be artsy, even though you have no inclination to it! You can start dancing, drawing, singing or even practice martial arts. Art and beauty has always been subjective. It is in the eye of the beholder. The important thing is to release the energies and do something from your heart. Your soul will truly thank you for it!
  6. Do some volunteering - if you have the time for it, you better stop being egocentric and think of only yourself. Go out and do some charity work! Find something you are good at and help raise awareness. I love taking photos so besides doing my job I love to volunteer at my company held events to take photos. It's a win-win situation! Remember the #PolandBusinessRun event I was telling you a while back? It was amazing being there, part of it, taking pictures - reward: the posting of the photos internaly :)
  7. Visit a new place - it needs not be an over-seas place, over-borders. It can even be a visit to the new cafe place around the corner, the newly opened cinema or the sushi place that you walk by each day, on your way to work. You do not need a special ocasion and you don't need to dress up. You can just get up from the bed one day and say: hey! let's do it today! or if you are a schedule freak, you can book a day once a month to have a bit of fun :) 
  8. Read a book that you never read before or a book that you already read but had so much fun with it that you just wanna read it again. It will be like visiting an old good friend ;) It can even be a comic book as look as it is something you can cuddle down with in a blanket and relax. No ebook readers allowed, though! You need to feel and smell the book, open all your senses. You can start by going to my books page and see what I like to read ;)
  9. Find another tune for your playlist. Have you realised that we go through life listening the same type of music over and over again? We like pop and we listen just to pop, we like rock and we listen just to rock. If someone comes listening a different type of music we dont stop and liten, we automatically reject the things we do not know. We love to label things and say no even from the start. Open up your mind and listen one day a week something different than anything you listened to until now. You can start my checking my playlist ;) If you like something, let me know - if you have something that you think I should try, pop me a line!
  10. Stop wasting time and get out there and do what you love! If you would ask me why I stop posting everyday and why I am on Facebook less than I used to be (when a post one an hour was extremely necessary) than I would tell you that I decided to live more outside. Outside the Internet borders that restrain us. I love my husband and I love my family. I wish to do my job the best I can and some things demand sacrifices. Letting go of the Internet is a sacrifice I am willing to take, in order to learn more. I decided not to post on a daily basis in order to come home and spend more time with my husband. Maybe you would like to spend time with your family more?
What about you lad/lass? What is your secret to smile, to make your day magical? Do you go through the week head down-shoulders crunched-empty eyes looking for the weekend, or do you make life worthwhile? Let me know how things go for you, I would love to hear what impossible things you think of before breakfast :)

Yours truly,
A LadyBug That Loves To Smile :)