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Monday, 6 October 2014

Who Doesn't Love Weddings?!

Dear friends,

How are you lovely bunnies doing? I know it's Monday, and Monday's are always painful... It's like the world is reaching out, screaming for yet another day of rest... But in order to make the day better I thought that I should talk about something that may make you smile. Today I will be talking about weddings. Once you speak of weddings, the first natural connection would be to think of family and friends. I don't know about you, but thinking of the loved ones always manages to put a smile on my face :)
On the last weekend of September we went to Marek's cousins wedding. It was my third wedding party attendance in Poland but my first 2-day wedding. And that was a whole different experience, and I must admit I was not ready for it. Remember what I told you previously about the traditional Polish weddings? Well this wedding was 100% Polish :) True blood, Polish Wedding. It was a lot of fun and I must admit it was even better than last time, as now I can understand a bit better Polish language and I manage to get the jokes/tricks better, without killing my awesome husband with 1000 questions about each small detail.
The location was some one hour drive from Krakow and we went there with Marek's smallest brother and his adorable other half. I love Asia, as she is funny, friendly and open-hearted. They make an adorable couple and it is lovely seeing them together. But back to the wedding... The church was small and intimate and very lovely. The colors and shapes used to ornament the church inside were a bit weird, like none I have ever seen, to tell you the truth... but I loved it :) The ceremony was very nice and the lady who was singing the songs had an extremely lovely and enchanting voice!
I love weddings in autumn, when you have all the colors changing and the weather is just right: not too cold and not too hot, not humid and somehow leaving you to breathe freely... The smell of autumn with its crunchy leaves and smell of mushrooms, grapes and pumpkin. It makes you all warm from inside, it makes you cuddle and dream but also boosts you up and makes you smile wide. We were all happy for Ula & Lukasz - the newly wedded couple.
The tradition calls that the bride is taken away from her house by the husband, along with the band that will play the music at the wedding. We did not make it for that part, we waited for them at the church. There we had the group picture and we stood in line to give the gifts. As I was telling you previously, the gifts for the couple are always given to them after the church ceremony - before the party itself, but if one forgets or does not make it to the church, the gift is given when they arrive at the party. Is is an extremely good precaution against forgetting to give the present, in case one has too much fun with the help of certain substances ;)
Here comes the Bride! :)
One custom that I did not mention when I was telling you about traditional Polish weddings, was the throwing of money and rice on the bride and groom, once they step outside of the church. Of course rice is commonly used at weddings as a symbol of wealth for the couple in their new life, but money would mean the same thing yet this custom is a bit tricky... here, in Poland, the couple must pick up all the money thrown at them so they would always have money and never want for anything else. As you can imagine, that takes quite a while :) as coins seem to have a mind of their own and roll out in a million directions
I love weddings as they provide the opportunity to meet up with family and friends. You get to have fun and talk to them at your hearts contempt, even if only for a night (or in our case, here, for 2 days). Everyone seems much more joyful and open hearted at weddings. And even though the couple undergoes a lot of stress and presssure previous to the wedding, somehow they manage to live through the day with a smile on their face. I always wondered how this can happen... you are tired and you can barely move, you have 1000 things on your mind, yet you smile with your heart. Why? The only answer I could find was Love and I believe that is the right answer :)
Getting married is a big step in the life of a couple and I believe that the fact that there are so many divorces in the world is the fact that people do not think things through. Society, culture and everything that surrounds us tells us that the track of life should be like this: you are given birth to - you receive education - you grow up - you get married - you have kids - you grow old - you die. Noone talks about Love as most of the times it is positioned on a lower scale in our lifes. In fact it should be the first thing. 
The humans are created with a great capacity to love and be loved. If we do not receive love we do not grow. We wither and die. It is better to love and not be loved in return, than never to be loved at all. A human being can develop completely only with love. Even tests were made upon that! 3 plants were placed under care: one was told constantly words of love and was spoken to all the time; the second was spoken to, but only with harsh words and treated badly; the 3rd one received no speaking treatment and was given just water like the other 2... Guess which one died first?
That's right! The one that was given only water died first! It is better to be spoken to bad words than to be ignored. Imagine that transposed into our life, as humans, and think of what Love can do! Getting married must be done out of love, else it has no real basis on which the couple can grow. From all the things that God has created, I believe the most beautiful thing he created was Love. It is love that makes us feel completed and it is love that brings us together. I love weddings as they are a show of love - the love of the couple, their love to their parents, the love for their friends.
Our Wedding Rings :)
This 2-day wedding came a bit like a surprise for me, as I was expecting we would not stay there for the second day. I knew that we were going for Saturday and coming home early on Sunday but somehow we ended back home in Krakow late Sunday evening, around 8-9 PM. It was just too much fun! The weather was lovely, the couple of newlyweds was adorable and we stayed for the second day as well... I must confess that I had the dress for the wedding but not for the second day, so both me and Marek went to the second part in blue-jeans and tshirt :( This will make me pack 2 dresses from now on, just in case! To tell you the truth I really felt bad about it, but the wedding was adorable and the couple wanted us just to have fun so in the end it was not such a big disaster in not being all fashionable dressed :)
The Traditional Village Table
Some Sweets :)
It made me think more and more that when you love someone and when you want people to have fun, being in a dress is not that important... People nowadays judge you by how you look and not by what is in your head and what you can actually do. People that normally would not be friends with eachother become best friends when you have a bigger salary or a bigger house. So much today is placed upon appearances and the fact that we are more and more thinking of just ourselves than the people that surround us. Ula & Lukasz wanted us to have fun and enjoy their wedding, they enjoyed being with us and they wanted us to feel welcomed. Lukasz was not afraid or ashamed to dance with me in blue jeans and noone made a fuss about it, even if the rest were dressed up.
I loved my first traditional 2-day Polish wedding. I loved the Love that Ula & Lukasz have for eachother and for their families. I love how people can be open hearted to eachother and I love how nationality does not matter. People need just to open their hearts and all the doors will be open as well. I am proud and happy to live amongst Polish people like Ula & Lukasz as they restore my faith in humanity, that not all is lost. People who know that you are a lady and you can be loved and admired not only when you are in a dress and wearing lipstick, but also when you are wearing jeans and have messy hairdo. People who look at your heart and not your wallet size. People who do not judge you for being an expat but who love that you had the courage to go out and face the world...
How about you? How do you see/feel weddings? Are they a place of joy and love for you? Have you ever been to an expat wedding? Could you feel then that the couple was different or did they just have one heart? I believe that Love knows no borders and has only one language :) 

Yours truly,
The LadyBug Who Loves Weddings