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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Glimpses Of Krakow - A Panoramic Photo Post

Dearest hearts,

Recently I get to spend less and less time in front of the computer contructing posts, sorting out pictures and writing emails to my dear ones. That is due to 2 factors combined: work and the new apartment. Oh! Yes, that's right... I promised to tell you more about that but to tell you the truth we did not finish it up so you need to wait a bit more until it will be ready to be shown to the public :)
Add to all that the weird flu that got me this all last week out of order and you will understand why when I got home all I wanted to do is curl into the blanket and get some sleep - provided the heavy breathing (my own!) would let me do so... I did not get out much and the "out" we had was always connected to the new flat. Hence the lack of recent pictures. I leave you today with some panoramic views of Krakow, taken late November. Worry not! The town is basically the same now as it is in these pictures: no snow, leaves on the ground... with the addition of the Christmas Fair/Market in the Main Market Square and in front of the Galeria Krakowska.
Hotel Europejski, Hotel Polonia, The Number 1 Postal Office, Hotel Andel
Krakow Rakowicki Cemetery
Railway tracks near Galeria Krakowska
Fast Tram tracks near Politechnika
Galeria Krakowska and its surroundings
Krakow Business Park - daytime - the parking lot
Krakow Business Park - nighttime
People rushing to catch the train
The Main Train Station in Krakow is connected to Galeria Krakowska
An old fort near the Krakow Rakowicki Cemetery
How are you lovely people doing? I hope you did not catch the cold as I did... If you did or planning to, make sure you drink loads of liquids/stay inside the house/wrap yourself warm/ eat a dozen of mandarins (citrus fruits) per day and get you vitamin C level up ;) Make sure Christmas does not catch you with your nose as red as Rudolph!

P.S. All Panoramic photos were taken with the Samsung Galaxy S4 from my awesome husband! :) I would love to know what do you make of it and if you feel something is missing.

Yours truly,
A LadyBug Very Much Into Panoramic Photos :)

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