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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Happy 1st Anniversary, Darling!

Dear sweet husband,

Many people say that the first year of marriage is a crazy roller coaster ride. You can say that and double it, when I look back on this year together. One year ago, on this very day, we started something that brought us together even more. Some people say loving eachother is enough and that the whole world sees it. I agree, but you also knew that showing this in front of the state officialy was important as well. On the 7th of December 2013, we both stepped hand-in-hand and said the vows at the civil wedding.
People still think we are crazy that we will do 3 weddings, but hey! you only live once :) The Polish customs say that a perfect wedding lasts 3 whole days. Our will last 3 days as well, but prolongued into 3 years. Why should we do things as all people do, when we can make our own path in the world joined hand-in-hand? You give me strenght and you give me joy. You know how to make me smile even when I get terribly sad. I know I am a pain in the arse and I ask a lot of questions, all the time, just like a little child but you are terribly patient and always seem to have a good answer. 
We went together through good things and from bad things. My Grandpa died just weeks before our civil wedding. I did not knew that. We found out a day after. You hold me and you told me you would always be there. I sometimes miss my family so much I want to cry. I miss having my Mum as my best friend. I miss Grandma's words and advices and exquisite food. I miss my sister laugh and I miss her smiles, even when she is a terrible pain in the arse - hmm... I guess that runs in the family... I bet our daughter will be like that as well. A small Merida :) Thank you for being there for me :*
This year brought us new jobs, new friend, took us to new places. We visited Bonn & Cologne, I began collaborating with @DiscoverCracow and we visited The Eagles Nest Trail, Auschwitz & Wieliczka. We took a trip to Czestochowa so I could finally see The Black Madonna. We had almost half a dozen friends visiting us and sleeping over - I played tourist guide yet again and again :) and I think I will never tire of Krakow. We had our very own church ceremony and wedding party :) That would be wedding number 2 ;) and not to fear we still have wedding number 3 next year! I sometimes forget these things and get sad, but you are always there to remind me of the good things we have. I thank God that I met you and you were stubborn enough to stick around and I was less stubborn than usual, so I let you get close :) Thank you for being my friend and my better half! Happy 1st (Civil Wedding) Anniversary, Darling! Kocham cie!

Yours truly,
Your very own LadyBug

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