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Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Longest Street In Krakow - Ulica Dluga

Dearest friends,

I hope each and every one of you is ok after the yum yummy Christmas dinner with the family :) I hope you are well rested and eager to get to the New Year - which, by the way, is knocking at our door more and more persistently. Today I will not worry you with any heavy post reviews, listings and God knows what! :) Today I plan to make it easy and light by showing you one of my favourite streets in Krakow. It is also one of the most famous ones - to the natives here - and it's name is ulica Dluga. Dluga = (in Polish language) long. And that is exactly what it is! The longest street in Krakow, Poland. Everyone knows it as all the ladies get there sooner than later. Why? Well... it has the biggest conglomeration of wedding dress shops! ;)
In order for everyone to understand how importand and special this ulica/street is for the locals, I need to tell you not much has been changed there and the buildings are the same as they have been hundreds of years ago (+/- the renovation work done). The locals even went overboard and created a Facebook page that at this point has around 250 likes. People post there old pictures of how the street used to look but there is not much differencs, except the clothes of the people inside the pictures...
Ulica Dluga goes from Aleja Juliusza Slowackiego to Bastowa, in a quite straight line of around 850 meters - more or less :) so you can stroll away for 15 minutes in a leasury walk and admire the buildings. Each and every one of them is specific and different from one another. The details and colors are lovely and I recommend you to go and have a look ;)
A Window Display on the 1st floor of an old building :)
If you are hungry you can always drop by and have something sweet :)
These are only a few shots I took quickly recently with my phone, but trust me there is so much more to see with your own eyes. Be it of you wish to find a wedding dress or you just wish to have a stroll in a place you did not check yet in Krakow, you should try this street out ;) And you can reward yourself along  the way by jumping into one of the bakeries and having something sweet, just for you ;) and you need to let me know who much you liked it!

Yours truly,
A LadyBug That Finds Ulica Dluga Very Familiar

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