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Saturday, 10 January 2015

About Love, Separation And Dignity

Dearest friends,

** This is a review I did a long time ago, on the 25th of January 2011, and published in my previous blog "Paint The Sky". But as you did not read this before, I thought I may share my thoughts with you. Pay attention to spoilers, as I shall be telling you about Onegin**

… that is what I think “Onegin” (the movie from 1999) is all about: love, separation and dignity overall! Eugene Onegin (Russian: Евге́ний Оне́гин) is a novel in verse written by Alexander Pushkin. It is a classic of Russian literature, and its eponymous protagonist has served as the model for a number of Russian literary heroes.
In the opulent St. Petersburg of the Empire period, Eugene Onegin is a jaded but dashing aristocrat – a man often lacking in empathy, who suffers from restlessness, melancholy and, finally, regret. Through his best friend Lensky, Onegin is introduced to the young Tatiana. A passionate and virtuous girl, she soon falls hopelessly under the spell of the aloof newcomer and professes her love for him. Written by Dawn M. Barclift
The story is quite nice, and it is based on Pushkin’s novel-poem. The movie is directed by Martha Fiennes – Ralph’s sister. She has a rather queer view on how the story is assembled – for example the movie ends rather abrupt and leaves you wanting for something more.
To my great shame, I have not read Pushkin’s novel, but I intent to change that :)
The main characters are Onegin and Tatiana. Onegin is wonderfully played by Ralph Fiennes, who makes a convincing Onegin. You can actually feel his struggles and inner pain. You can feel him convinced of the fact that he does not need anyone, that he is better to be left all by himself… that he does not need love and that he is immune to such things.
But yet, there are certain moments in which you can see Onegin’s soft side. That part we can observe during his friendship with Lensky. Lensky is portrait by Toby Stephens (a brilliant British actor) that does an exceptional job in bringing the character to life. You can see that the opposite characters of Lensky and Onegin complement each other and even though they do not resemble in at least one point (Lensky being a poet and a dreamer and Onegin being a firm and resolute person) they somehow attract. You simply cannot not love Lensky, with his frankness and open mindedness and his sense of duty and his strong love… love and duty and dignity that actually costed his life…
One of the most beautiful and vibrant and memorable scenes is the one with the duel between the two. The duel in which Lensky dies… It was quite a shock for me… I was believing that Onegin would only wound him, but seeing his brains scattered was not what I was thinking about!!! I still dunno for sure it I like or hate the scene, but it is truly touching… To see Onegin seeing his friend die by his one hand…
Anyway… Onegin is quite a weird character overall and one cannot truly measure if he really loved Tatiana from day one as what she truly was. When they see each other after several years, when she is married, he fancies he is truly in love with her, but Tatiana seems to be more wise in this last meeting, asking him who does he really love? Tatiana from now or Tatiana from 6 years ago?
Tatiana is beautifully played by Liv Tyler, who does a great job at making one feel her sorrow and desperation when her love is unfulfilled and the deep regret when she encounters Onegin again – regret for the lost love. She is truly sensitive but yet strong as not to fall into temptation and become Onegin’s mistress.
The scenery in the movie is breathtaking and it does somehow remind me or “Dr. Zhivago” and the music fits the scenes like a glove.
Anyway… overall the movie is pretty good and worth watching :) and I do sincerely recommend it with warmth.

Have a good morning beautiful people of the world! :*

P.S. It's also fitting now with the weather outside ;) 

Yours truly,
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