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Sunday, 25 January 2015

It's Wonderful When Your Blog Gets Recognition

Dear friends,

Is it not wonderful when you get recognition for your work? Is it not wonderful especially if it comes after a long while when you thought noone gives a rotten tomatoe on what you are doing? I must admit that last December they hit me all at once: both and wanted to have me featured on their December 2014 and January 2015 page
If you are an Expat for sure you are very well aware of all the expat sites out there (for those who know not what an expat is, it is an expatriate = a person whom temporary or permanently resides in a country that is different than the country he/she was born in. That does not mean immigrants! not necessary! it reffers to the professionals/skilled workers that are sent to work abroad or go there by themselves. The contrast, as you can see, comes from the socio-economic differences between immigrants and expats). 
The ones I mentioned above are 2 of the most used sites, with users from all over the world, telling their own stories on how they made it outside of borders. When you are an expat, it is very reassuring to read similar stories of people like yourself, who made it through living in a different country and learning different languages - you learn from their posts and you try to apply some things to your very own day-to-day life. You would be surprised if you would read, to see how much all expats have in common - the standard things that make the expats go crazy, like language barriers, tax papers, public transport, finding food similar to the one in your home-country and so many more... contacted me the first time on the 30th of October last year and now I am one of the 3 featured expats from Poland (along with Khaled Masmoudi -Wrocław, Poland and Gilbert Corbella - Warsaw, Poland). wanted to feature me with an interview as Blog Of The Month for January 2015. They first contacted me on the 18th of December 2014 - I remember as it was yesterday... I was sick and I could barely speak, drinking hot teas non-stop, we were at the start of getting ready to take over the new apartment and start re-designing it... I was a mess but I did my best to do quickly the interview. It was my pleasure and as I was answering to the questions I was smiling and thinking of my first months here... Polish language seemed like horror, like parseltongue, but the people were warm and nice and work was fun so I stayed :) I stayed, and here I am, more than 3 years later :)
For me it was a pleasure to get in touch with both and and I recommend these sites with all my heart for all the expats out there - and future ones as well! You can find there a wide database of information related to cost of living, where to go learn the language and you can always make friends. 

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug = A Romanian Expat in Poland