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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Who Is Human And Who Is Monster?

Dear friends,

** This is a review I did a long time ago, on the 11th of February 2011, and published in my previous blog "Paint The Sky". But as you did not read this before, I thought I may share my thoughts with you. Pay attention to spoilers, as I shall be telling you about The Hunchback of Notre Dame - The Walt Disney Classic**

The Hunchback of Notre-Dame (French: Notre-Dame de Paris, “Our Lady of Paris”) is a novel by Victor Hugo published in 1831. The French title refers to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, around which the story is centered.
Here is a picture of the grand cathedral now-days:
And here is a image from the beautiful animation “Hunchback of Notre Dame”, movie that I shall talk about:
In 15th century Paris, Clopin the puppeteer tells the story of Quasimodo, the misshapen gentle-souled bell ringer of Notre Dame, who was nearly killed as a baby by Claude Frollo, the Minister of Justice. But Frollo was forced by the Archdeacon of Notre Dame to raise Quasimodo as his own. Now a young man, Quasimodo is hidden from the world by Frollo in the belltower of the cathedral. But during the Festival of Fools, Quasimodo, cheered on by his gargoyle friends Victor, Hugo, and Laverne, decides to take part in the festivities, where he meets the lively gypsy girl Esmeralda and the handsome soldier Phoebus. The three of them find themselves ranged against Frollo’s cruelty and his attempts to destroy the home of the gypsies, the Court of Miracles. And Quasimodo must desperately defend both Esmeralda and the very cathedral of Notre Dame. Written by Kathy Li
This beautiful story about love, in all its forms – fulfilled and unfulfilled – has always made me wonder why people differentiate… Why they presume to be better than others?! Why do some people think highly of themselves and want to crush other peoples lives in the process? What makes one person better than the other one? Who measures this?
Who are WE to JUDGE!?! Who are WE to CRITICIZE?!?
Who is the monster and who is the man?!
Who is the true human being?! The one that calls himself as such and feels he has no sin, and is not deformed? OR is it the so called “monster”, that is hideously deformed, that is locked in a tower, that dreams big for every soul that he encounters?
This Walt Disney story is truly magical… the songs help you find hidden meanings in all the images and guide you through the whole story. The images are deeply disturbing sometimes – for example, when Frollo prays to have Esmeralda and if that is not possible, at least kill her in the process… now that is what I call love!!! NOT!!! – and at other times, the color and the movement of the scenes are just soothing and relaxing – Quasimodo singing on top of the beautiful Cathedral (and I may add that the Cathedral is very much life like ;) as I have just seen it last year… and NO! I did not find him there :P ).
Demi Moore is playing Esmeralda, Kevin Kline plays Phoebus and Ton Hulce is Quasimodo. I know you never heard of Tom Hulce probably and neither have I :) but I think he does a marvelous job!!! Two thumbs up :)
Anyway, I was also wondering about actors that do animations… what are they thinking of when they say “Yes!” to a beautiful movie as such after they made several other movies in real life and on different other subjects, on a whole other audience?!
I came up with 2 options until now:
1) either they state that they do this for their actual children / future children so they could watch the movie together (e.g. Johnny Depp – who wanted to have movies that he could also watch with his children – let us say “Finding Neverland“)
2) they pretend to do that for their little ones, but in fact they want to do this for themselves, in order to get in touch with their child within (and again, the e.g. would be Johnny Depp ;) ) in “Pirates of the Caribbean“)
Well… no one knows for sure :) right?!
SO! DO WATCH this movie!
It will speak to you as a child and it will also speak to you if you are 60 years old :)

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug