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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

EatAway - A Brand New Krakow Project

Dear hearts,

On the lovely 1st of March 2015, a new project started in Kraków: EatAway was created by the founder of the website Local-Life Krakow - Marta and her husband Mark. They have always enjoyed sharing the knowledge of Marta's beautiful home town - Kraków - hence they started the Local-Life website - that is running wonderfully for quite a long while! - and the EatAway project. Marta and Mark are travellers and adventurers at their core and they also enjoy meeting other travellers in person. Marta also loves to cook and she is amazing in preparing traditional Polish dishes - though she hardly ever sticks to the recipe.  But what good cook does not alter once in a while the rules?
Here is what Marta says in her introduction in the article about EatAway on Local-Life: "I've often thought when travelling myself how great it would be to have a meal with a local person. Restaurants are great, but sometimes it seems it would be better to enjoy a home-cooked meal with someone who can also tell me a bit more about their experiences, their lives and their cities. So, I've decided to do exactly that. From 1st March 2015, I will be cooking for up to 8 people at my home in Krakow every Wednesday from around 7pm. And you're invited."
Marta - The Lovely Host
Let us answer now to the basic questions that you may have:
  • When: every Wednesday and ocasionally Monday at 7 PM Polish Time
  • Where: Marta's apartment in the Salwator area of Krakow - I will tell you how to get there a bit later on ;) 
  • What would it cost me: the price, per person, is 50 zloty and you need to pay cash
  • What would I get in that price: 3 course dinner + refreshments (water, lemonade, tea, coffee or wine) + a whole lot of fun with travellers like yourself + information about the city from a local person
  • How long does it usually last: somewhere around 2 hours
  • What happens if it's late at night and I don't remember how to get home from there: Marta or Mark will surely give you a helping hand and call a cab for you ;) 
  • How can I sign in?!  Fill in the Local-Life booking or contact them on the Facebook page
Marta and Mark's flat in Salwator, Krakow
Getting to Mart and Mark's apartment in Salwator is quite easy - especially if you have a GPS on your phone. It's an 8 minute ride by tram or taxi from the Market Square, and in the Spring or Summer, the perfect place for a walk up to the Kopiec Kosciuszki before or after a meal. For example if you take tram number 1 it is very easy: you just get out at the last stop, named Salwator, where the tran turns and you just go straight up the hill. At a certain point you will need to make a right and you will see the house. Marta and Mark live on the last floor and you need to ring for them to open the main entrance.
The first course was the traditional soup that my husband simply adores: Beetroot soup with dumplings. In Polish language it is called Barszcz - generic Polish term for any sour soup. Common ones are beet barszcz and white barszcz made with "kielbasa" - cooking water and sour cream. Russians call this borscht and other Eastern Europeans refer to it as borsch or barsch. This was a barszcz czerwony - red barszcz - and it was finger-licking-delicious! The dumplings were dome made with a filling called "ruskie" - russian.
First course: Barszcz czerwony and pierogi
Red Wine for everyone!
The second course was potatoe pancakes with goulash and pickled cucumbers. The pancakes were done with finely grated potatoes, garlic and egg yolk - they were crispy on the outside yet smooth on the inside. They were combined very well with the goulash made out of beef. That was one hearty warming dish that just melted into ones mouth. Breaking the potatoe pancakes and dipping them in the sauce from the goulash = Heaven! + the extra pickled cucumbers, homemade, by their side were a treat! It reminded me of my Grandma's cooking.
The third course was fresh salad with dressing, but I admit that by that time I was feeling full - I have a saying: I was feeling as if I were pregnant! I thought I could not eat even one tiny morsel... I was so wrong! Marta proved me that when she bakes sweets and she puts them in your front you simply cannot say no!
The Heavenly Apple Pie & Icecream
The last piece of the puzzle was the dessert - and it was sublime! The icecream - 2 scoops of vanilla - and the apple pie were a huge temptation for me, and even now - as I write this post - my mouth waters at the very rememberance of that treat! If I were not that full, I would have probably asked for more... I have to admit it! The apple pie was one of the best ones I have tasted - the sweets that my Granny makes are still on first place, I am sorry Marta :( but you are a close second! ;) The apples felt very fresh and they were sweet and well flavoured. The inside was moist and soft, and the crust and lower side was as crunchy as it should! A perfect 10! :)
If anyone would ask me I would say - hand to my heart - that the Monday night I spent with Marta & Mark and the other travellers was worth the time/money/bother, I would say YES! without even leaving room for doubt. Marta and Mark are friendly and up-beat-positive. They have been through a lot in their life and their love story deserves a book :) and yet they have remained true at heart and willing to help others. I admire their passion and their involvment and I am happy I caught this project since the very beginning. Now I can say I am proud that I was part of Dinner @ Marta's EatAway Session 2 :) May there be many more!

P.S. If you are now in Krakow or plan to come here soon, do contact them on the Local-Life booking or via the Facebook page - Marta will surely answer to you in the very same day ;)

** Sponsored post but written from the heart, without any external influences**

Yours truly, 
A LadyBug That Approves Of Such Wonderful Ideas Like EatAway Krakow

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