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Saturday, 11 April 2015

I Love GREEN - 100% Natural, Organic and Polish

Dearest hearts,

Not long ago I was telling you about TARG Śniadaniowy w Krakowie - Krakow Food/Breakfast Fair. I was sharing with you that these types of fairs are a great source of information for the people who wish to live a healthy life and consume organic products. At the Targ Sniadaniowy I also met Magda - one of the owners of I Love GREEN company, that I will tell you about today.
As we all know, the market everywhere is oversaturated by products that taste good but have hundred of calories and are actually not good for our bodies, as they are full with chemicals. Fresh juices and smoothies are coming more and more in fashion, due to their high count of vitamins and nutrients. The juices from I Love GREEN are obtained from seasonal vegetables and fruits that give the consumer power - vitamins, enzymes and minerals that miraculously stimulate the body to action.
The technique used by I Love Green to obtain the juice is mechanical (ie. COLD PRESS) and it  allows to squeeze as closely as possible the vegetables and fruits, in order to get everything that is best within them. Thus, the fibers are crushed and cell structures and nutrients stored within them end up in the bottle, for you to enjoy :)
Marta and Dorota - located in Krakow, Poland - are the lovely and ingenious ladies that came with this idea and they are the proud owners of I Love GREEN. They came with this idea due to their active and healthy lifestyle and also because they thought the market was missing this type of product - and they were right! In November 2014 I Love GREEN open its virtual doors and the company began its journey down the yellow brick road to the Emerald City of Nature.
The Menu, on the 2nd weekend of the Food Fair was in English ;)
The company is very much focused on a small and specific niche of customers. It produces only cold press juices - the main product of the company and its bestseller - and smoothies. The products are with no artificial adds and they are made from 100% fresh products - vegetables and fruits bought by the ladies from special local markets. Also in the smoothies the milk used is 100% natural as well and both Magda and Dorota always test the product before it reaches the market. Due to its fresh ingredients the shelf life of the product is max 2-3 days.
One of the most famous local markets where people from the village come and sell their dairies and vegetables is Nowy Kleparz. That is also from where the owners of I Love GREEN select their ingredients.  They use different producers from farms near Krakow - in case you did not know this, Malopolska region is quite famous for the eco villages (take from example the apple farms right outside Krakow). Why different producers, you may ask?! - well the girls want to get the best products so they will always be flexible when it comes to the contact with the producers.
Magda - I Love GREEN
As I mentioned, Magda and Dorota started this company and they modified the receipes by testing on themselves and their family and friends. They see the products as a source of health and life. At this stage they are at the point when they are building their network - ETA next 3 months. They are present in one shop that really growed on me lately: Sklepik Naturalny on ul. Krupnicza 8 - I may write about it soon, so stay tuned! but also in several others, listed here.
Soon you will also be able to admire the English part of their site, as right now it is all in Polsih - both the Internet Site and their Facebook Page. The nice thing about I Love GREEN site is that you can actually order the products online - I have not tried that yet so I am not sure how that goes, but Magda and Dorota deliver in Krakow the products so you can always contact them via the Contact Form on the site.
As Spring is here and the temperature goes higher and higher, the requirements also grow exponentially for I Love GREEN. For example, in the first weekend of the Krakow Food/Breakfast Fair, the ladies from I Love GREEN sold over 300 cold press juices and smoothies in 2 days! To be mentioned also that I Love GREEN is the only company that sells cold press juice in a bottle in Krakow.
The products were approved by the local authorities as a regional product and the users can enjoy responsibly the juices and smoothies in 2 days since they are bought. I Love GREEN has big plans for development and I eagerly await for them. As the season of skirts and bikes is coming rapidly, they also thought about selling the products by bike and also small stands, but until then you can find them at the Krakow Food/Breakfast   ;)

* Products cost the same, be it cold press juices or smoothies - 10 zloty per 300 ml of 100% organic and yummy product (I tested the cold press juice & the grepfruit smoothie and both were delicious and quite energy giving!)

** Sponsored post but written from the heart, without any external influences**

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves To Discover New Things :)