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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Romania - Iasi: Repedea Hill - Natural Monument

Dearest hearts,

Only few kilometers away from Iasi, the hill Repedea (Dealul Repedea, in Romanian language) sets high standards when it comes to height and view over the city. It is a wonder of nature that keeps trances within from the sea itself. Over 10 million years ago - as per what archeologists say... - this place/space was covered by water. As witness to that fact are the shells that can be found in the rocks located there. The most popular place for the archeologists are the caves located in the area - as you can see from the pictures below.
The plateau which extends itself smoothly now over dozens of hectares bordered by steep slopes became in 1955 geologists heaven and is also the place that offers the best view of Iasi - especially during sunset & evening.
Once on the Bucium hill, 300 meters high, after taking a narrow country road you catch a glimpse of a plate with blue paint guiding you to the  „Rezervaţia paleontologică Repedea”. To get to the Releu you have just 5 minutes walk - to get to the peak. From there you can see Iasi as a model, with blocks and houses, set in stylishly, organized by an invisible hand, to fit the chaos left behind the angry water withdrawal that dug into the rock for millions of years before.
Repedea Hill was declared a natural monument and became the first paleontological reserve in the country in 1955. And in a judgment of Iasi County Council in 1994, the Reserve was declared of Great Importance when it comes to birds, whereas there are 117 bird species in total of 383 species reported in the Romanian fauna.
Repedea hilltop near the TV relay has an altitude of 353 meters, the hill has a deep concavity like an amphitheater, with steep walls, and multiple caves. Over time, people were sheltered in these caves during wars or natural disasters. Currently, the reserve face different risks among which: massive deforestation of trees near increasingly more populated areas and massive landslides. Of the two large panels that said natural reserve area is protected by law, there is none.
Considered within the population of the city as a tourist attraction, people from Iasi spend their weekends and other days off here, having picnics. On the plateau or at the border with the forest, people make fires and grills - heating small areas and burning the land. After numerous trips made here there is remaining waste (glass, PET, plastic cups, newspapers etc.). Being the tourist area there should be some facilities - toilets - but there are none, so the tourists use grottoes and caves to meet their needs... hence not helping the environment... It is sad to say but people do not care and a beautiful place - like this one - gets more and more destroyed each year :(
Large forested areas were cleared of wood by thieves. In addition, the locals began to steal rock wall of the reserve, using them for exterior cladding foundations of houses, although the rock is brittle and is not suitable to be used in construction. Currently, out of five polygons for climbing, only three are operational. There is much potential in this place, there is a large area where people from the Local Council could get involved and do some good, but that never did happen... It is a wonderful place to take a breath of fresh air and it is the best view one could have over Iasi - the city based on 7 hills. I would say it's a definite must when first visiting Iasi - Romania. Unfortunately it is not well kept and if things go towards the same direction as now, in a few years my children would not be able to enjoy it :( so if ever in the area, get your tennis shoes on and have a walk around this old place, you will enjoy it! and make sure you come towards sunset ;)

P.S. Pictures were taken quickly with Samsung Galaxy S4 so don't expect the best :) we did enjoy the place immensely and the company was perfect - this one goes to you Roxana :* - so we wish you to enjoy it at least as much as we did. There are a couple of nice places nearby, where you can rent houses and do a grill, in a organized manner as  well ;) We recommend Hamak ;)

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug  - born & raised in Iasi, Romania :)