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Monday, 20 April 2015

Sztuka Śledzia - The Art Of Herring

Dear sweethearts,

Remember how a few days back I was telling you about Naturalny Sklepik - Or Where To Buy Natural & Organic Products in Krakow? Well today I will tell you about another Polish brand, created by the owners of the Naturalny Sklepik - today I shall be telling you about Sztuka Śledzia. The name itself is quite fun as it consists in a play of words - Sztuka can mean a piece of something but also a work of art, Śledz means a certain type of fish - herring; so the name can be translated into "A piece of herring" and also into "Art of the herring".
The idea of the brand started inside the Naturalny Sklepik, when the owners started bringing high quality fish into the shop. They began with herring and diverse types of herring salads. It was such a huge success that they considered creating a new brand, under the Naturalny Sklepik umbrella, that would focus only on fish products. The products are MSC tested and approved - international settings for fish quality.
If in Poland, you can find their products at the Najedzeni Fest and at the Targ Sniadaniowy. At the moment they are trying to go outside the Krakow market with the fish products so you will be seeing them twice a week - all year round - at the Biobazar (in Warsaw and Katowice) & once a week - all year round - at the Bazar Smakoszy (Wroclaw).
The owners - Piotr & Marta B. - prefer live contact with people and they love running the business in the family. For example, when Piotr is going with the festivals to Warsaw or Katowice, the young son takes over and takes care of the Sztuka Śledzia at the Targ Sniadaniowy in Krakow - and you can see him on the pictures, as a living proof :)
They were thinking of bringing such products into the market ever since they opened the Naturalny Sklepik - there they brought the first japanese products for sushi; that was about 10 years ago, when people in Poland did not have the culture of eating sushi. They did not know much about sushi and how to behave when having it, so Piotr & Marta hosted the very first sushi classes in Malopolska - where people could study thai and chinese kitchen. 
They also used to host, for friends, once each 3 months, meetings where people would bring new food. Old clients, who became friends, would come and present their dishes. These people would be crazy about food and cooking, they would do it as their hobby. One of the dishes served at one of these parties was herring in gold :) 
Sztuka Śledzia aims into creating culinary and estetic taste. Piotr & Marta wish for their clients to see food as art, as a way to express yourself. They aim for creating good food products and quality design for the items that they sell. Sztuka Śledzia wishes to celebrate the food; wants the clients to understand that preparing food with good energy is the key. All that you create must be done out of love, with love.

P.S. I did try some of the fresh herring + herring salads from Sztuka Śledzia and they are indeed yummy. I am not a huge fan of fish myself, but I must admit the salads were finger-licking good! Especially the ones with garlic and yogurt & the ones with indian condiments ;) You can also find them online, on their very own Facebook Page.  

** Sponsored post but written from the heart, without any external influences**

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug (Recommends you to go ASAP to Targ Sniadaniowy and test some things from there, as they are deliciously yummy + buy some fresh fish from Sztuka Śledzia)

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