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Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Pierogi House - Nowy Sacz

Dearest friends,

Nowy Sącz (known also by other names) is a town in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship (also known as Malopolska) in southern Poland. It is the district capital of Nowy Sącz County, but is not included within the powiat. Founded on the 8 November 1292, Nowy Sącz is one of the oldest towns in Lesser Poland. We were always passing by it on our way home - either to Romania or to my awesome husband's family, in Limanowa - but we never got a chance to visit it properly.
With the coming of Spring we have more and more energy, and as the days get longer it is lovely go get out of the house, even if just for a walk. But on the 7th of March we - me and my adorable husband, who setup the meeting and bought the tickets - took the bus to one of the oldest towns in Malopolska: Nowy Sacz :) We went for the weekend, to visit some dear friends that live there. The drive from Krakow to Nowy Sacz is fast and there are not a lot of bumps or curves - in total, by the regular bus, it takes about 2 hours to get there. The city is not extremely big and if you are a fast walker you can visit it in one day ;)
The Restaurant from the Tower Hall
We walked straight to the Main City Center to see the Main Square, which is the 2nd biggest Main Square in Poland - right after the one in Krakow, that is also the biggest Main Square in Europe ;) In the Main Square you can see the Town Hall with its tower, but if you will circle it and get to its back you will discover one of the hidden gems of Nowy Sacz - The Restauracja Ratuszowa / Dom Pierogow - the entrance is on the West side. The locals and people from around Poland that have visited this city will always tell you that this is the best place to eat homemade pierogi that taste Heavenly! ;)
The Restauracja Ratuszowa / Dom Pierogow is located down under the Town Hall Tower and it has several seating options. As soon as we arrived and seated on a table for four, we were greeted with the menu and a huge smile - to be noted that they do understand English so no need to fret! The menu's are quite easy to understand and they have numbers from 1 to 100 for the dishes, so it is easy to order - or you can just point at the number. Also the restaurant is very kids friendly - it has a bunch of toys and you can always order something sweet for them, like pierogi with strawberries and whipped cream.
Our lovely friends :)
This restaurant is an absolute must in Nowy Sacz! The food is amazing and there are over 20 types of pierogi from which you can choose. You can find also more reviews on them on Tripadvisor ;) The prices on the portion of pierogi - 12 pierogi per plate - varies between 12 and 22 zloty (at the time of the article: 27/03/2015). I had the Pierogi z soczewicą i boczkiem - the pierogi with lentils and bacon - and I must admit I loved them! Even if they were boiled, not fried. I always order the pierogi fried as I do not like the taste of the dough when boiled, but these ones were mouth-watering!
No filter and yum yummy!
We wanted to see how others tasted like so all 4 of us took something different and we shared one or two - the ones with chicken liver was delicous as well ;) Of course you can order regular traditional Polish dishes as well, but we sticked to the basics: pierogi! We payed cash but I do believe there is a payment by card option available as well. You can also take out the food so if you wish to have a snack at home you can buy some pierogi for home - frozen or done. Sincerly speaking, I can hardly wait to go again and have some more of those finger-licking pierogi! They were the most perfect boiled pierogi I have ever ate! Twisted Red LadyBug & The Happy Moose recommends ;)

P.S.S. This one goes to all my Polish friends out there: Happy Easter everyone! May your hearts be filled with joy! May the light of this celebration fill your heart :*

** This post was made out of love for awesome pierogi. I was not repayed in any way and all the opinions are my very own, straight from the heart! ** 

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loved The Pierogi From Restauracja Ratuszowa / Dom Pierogow