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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Iasi: Klipa Creativ Pozitiv - Colorful Beauties Created From The Heart

Dearest friends,

As you already know, we have successfully celebrated part 3 out of 3 of our Big Fat Polish - Romanian Wedding. If in fairytales people would have 3 days and 3 nights for the wedding, we wanted to have these 3 days and nights in 3 different years - 3 different locations - 3 different parties - 3 different sets of guests and of course 3 different decorations ;) I must admit that the parties in Poland and the paperwork were mainly on the head of my awesome and amazing husband, whom has more patience than any men I have ever known! (Kocham cie kotek! :*, I know you are reading this...) so the wedding in Romania was supoosed to be my doing.
Wedding picture of my glorious bouquet - picture taken by Eliza Prostire
I had already negociated things with my sister, but luck has it she got an internship at the European Parliament in Brussels so she did not manage to come home for the wedding party back home. She did make it though for 2 wedding parties out of 3, and I thank her for being with me :* (although I know that her team-members had a bit of laugh on the fact that her younger sister is marrying the 3rd time... with the same guy!) - but why do it once and not do it a couple times, just to be sure you could have a great time with all your friends / relatives / beloved ones? My sister was in charge with finding out good music & doing a home-made flower bouquet (with a lot of ladybugs - as I have requested). She had a great hand in the choice of music & flower arrangements!
She did not strike the deal until the end, as she had to go away, but my mum took over nicely and I was amazed by the finished product! :) To tell you the honest truth, I liked my natural flower bouquet from my Wedding Church & Party in Poland, but I loved the creative and original bouquet that the ladies from Klipa Creativ Pozitiv created for the Wedding Party in Romania! I am aware that in both cases I was not very eco-friendly, but both made me smile nonetheless :)
Today's story is about Klipa Creativ Pozitiv, the wonderfully creative and happy shop - located on Stradela Silvestru 1, Iasi, Romania - that does arrangements out of paper for any given ocasion! The positive and outgoing people that created this corner of Heaven must have been in love with the details that make life matter. In their shop you can buy online, but also in their physical shop, instruments for the Little Prince hiding inside of you... If you are in love with handmade objects and you love crafts, this is the place to go!
If you do not wish to create them yourself, if you do not have the time / will / talent to do that for your special day you can always ask the lovely ladies - that twirl about the place like busy bees - to do that for yourself. They can do pom-poms of different shapes / size / color, garlands, envelopes for business cards, business cards, wooden stamps and tags. But they do not limit themselves! If you have an idea they will always be willing to try it and they will do their best to make you happy :)
The first look on my bouquet :)
When I first went to Klipa Creativ Pozitiv - somewhere around 5 days before the party itself - I was not sure what to expect... The location of the shop is not an extremely popular one, although it is 15 minutes away from the center of the city (by walk!). Nothing would tell you from the area... no hints / clues on what you should expect. The small streets around are mainly houses and some doctors private cabinets - not a lot of traffic and not extremely well paved streets as well, sadly speaking... not to mention that the sidewalk is small so barely 2 people can fit in together - Disclaimer: I am not saying this in order to frighten anyone, but you should know what to expect. Don't get discouraged, as the trip is well worth it and you can always go by cab! ;) Plus, this is noone fault but the mayor and the government, but that is another topic...
Once you get to Klipa Creativ Pozitiv door you will stand still, even before you enter. Your eyes will try to lock in and remember every detail that it sees. It will try and fail, as there are so many beautiful, delicate little wonders there, that you will not know what to feast your eyes upon first :) The materials used are mainly paper but if you want to add something special - like I wanted ladybugs on the bouquet - you will have to come with it and they will make sure they fit everything nicely together.  
The bouquet I first saw was actually the flowers themselves apart - white, cream and light green. I was asked the form that it should take, the size and how the tail should look like. Alexandra Petcu - the busy bee that made my bouquet - was not pushy and listened carefully to both myself and my mum's ideas and she combined them in the best way possible. My shoes were a darker shade of green so I thought the bouquet was too light, so the request was to add a few darker green flowers - just for the accent it would give. We also placed the ladybugs and I thought the best would be to have another accent - matching the dress - so I found inside their shop a red ribbon - with white dots, like a ladybug ;)) - that tied the flowers up nicely :)
Besides the wedding party bouquet they also did 10 big lovely flowers - with ladybugs on them, of course! - that were posted on each table. The colors were matching the bouquet and the color of the room & arrangements at Popas Pacurari - the place where we had the party, but I will tell you more about that another time ;) The guests loved both the flowers & the bouquet - they said it was very original and delicate - and all of them were taken home by them, as a memento.  
The price of the products that they offer depends on the material (the type of paper) that they use so, I cannot give you a price - you will have to contact them on their Facebook Page / Internet Site or Blog :) but make sure you contact them in time as the ladies are very busy all the time. They also host events/workshops and teach people how to do flowers / pompoms and so on :) if ever in Iasi and they have an event, I recommend you to try them! The shop is open Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 6 PM & Saturday from 10 AM to 1 PM. If you are hosting an event / planning a wedding make sure you check their website ;) You should definitely give them a shot, the busy bees are there to help you and do wonderful little wonders! :)

** This post was made out of love for great handmade products - made in Romania :) I was not repayed in any way and all the opinions are my very own, straight from the heart! ** 

Yours truly,
A LadyBug That Loves Klipa Creativ Pozitiv - it was my pleasure to tell you about them :)