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Sunday, 31 May 2015

You Are Beautiful - Inside And Out!

My dear friends,

These days we keep seeing / hearing vehiculated the idea that looks can get you anywhere. If you look good, you have a deep cleavage and you smile pretty you may even have more chances on getting a better job / having more friends and being the popular one inside the group. What I always wished for is to be beautiful both inside and out. I once read that being beautiful was very easy and simple. All you need to do is repeat to yourself everyday that you are beautiful until you get to believe it and the rest does not matter - you will know you are beautiful and that is the most important, the others do not matter. I beg to differ - we are social people, people were created not to be alone, but to interact with eachother.  
What is the point of thinking yourself that you are "the fairest of them all" when people around you can see how wicked you are - take for example the classical Grimm fairytale about Snow White: The Queen was beautiful yet evil but Snow White was beautiful inside out! Outside looks are only skin deep and when you grow old and your looks are gone you will remain a hollow shell with nothing to give and you will receive nothing in return. Looks are useless unless you have something to back that up - be it brain or sparkly personality.
Picture Taken @ The Romanian - Polish Wedding / April 2015 / by Eliza Prostire
As I think of this subject I am reminded more and more about the classic stories / fairytales from my childhood years. I have always loved the story of The Beauty and The Beast. I still believe that it is one of the best stories ever told as it shows love in all its forms - from Belle's deep love of books, Gaston's narcissistic love of himself, Belle's and her fathers relationship, the inhabitants of the palace attachment to The Beast and last but not least the love Belle had for The Beast (despite his appearence she looked at his soul... any maybe at his library? ;))) just kidding!).
Maybe we are no great beauties, maybe God did not create us on a 90-60-90 model, but I believe that he wanted for us to be happy and shine like stars here on Earth. He wanted for us to love and be loved in return for how we are inside, for our soul / mind / ideas. The body was created only as a shell to our spirit - if we are clear and crystal on the inside that is what should be reflected on the outside. Or is it better to be all perfect on the outside and be shallow and rotten on the inside? Children are made to believe from the media that dressing up in a certain way from an early age is ok, wearing lipstick when you are barely 10 years old is ok, having short skirts at school is ok as "all the girls nowdays do it"...  
We can blame this on social media but that would be wrong, we should blame ourselves! We all have this tendency of following what other people say and think, we take ideas and we implement them in our life without digesting them, without seing if they fit us / our personality / what we are and what we wish to become. It is hard to demand of children to take the correct path if they have not been raised properly, with good sense... When I was a kid I used to play around and asked my mum to put lipstick on myself. I tried that when I was very small, maybe in first or second grade, and I remember it until this very day that I did not even knew how to hold my moth properly to put it on and that in the end it felt fake and I ended up eating it all :) then I look now at girls that age now and they are able to put it on without any issue... and I bet they don't eat it all in the first 10 minutes!
I don't wear make up, and that's not because I don't need it, rather I consider it a bother and a waste of my time - I would rather sleep / read those extra minutes - but I do not burn on the cross people that wear it. I consider it a personal decision, as long as it does not involve kids under the age of 14 years & people who jump directly as they wake up, to the bathroom, to put stuff on. Your body, your skin has pores that are meant for breathing - not for being clogged up! Plus the people that love and respect you will do it even if you have makeup on or not. It's not as if you will wear a mask all your life, you will get married and the next day the person next to you - because you have the mask off - will not even recognise you... I think I can count, on the fingers of one hand, how many times I have had profesional makeup. I love it and I understand that you need it at certain events, but overdoing it is a NO NO! I would rather like to be able to recognise myself in the mirror, thank you very much!
There are people that are so beautiful inside, their souls are so pure and their thoughts are so perfect, their wish is always to think the best of the world and help the ones around them, that their beauty reflects on the outside - they are not fotomodels, when you look at them, but their smile brightens up your day and makes you smile in return as well... I strive to be like that, I know beauty does not keep and even small accidents damage you. I was told by several people, in several circumstances, that I have a Babyface. I like that, I like the thought that I can maintain happy thoughts inside - happy thoughts that make me smile and still be like a child. I think that we forgot how to do that... I think we forgot how to smile and truly be happy on the inside. We are used to smiling on the outside even when we heart, and the cares and troubles pile up and burn holes in us... We need to keep focus on what we have, look what is inside us and work until we are beautiful once again: inside out!

Yours truly,
A LadyBug That Believes In True Inner Beauty