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Friday, 12 June 2015

10 Questions for Elisha Arsenault - Have You Heard About Arbonne

Dearest sweethearts,
Today we are having a very special feature, first time on this very blog! :) Today I will share with you what a dear friend does for a living. You may look funny at the title and ask yourself whom this Elisha may be. Sit tight and grab yourself a cup of tea. We met only a while back but Elisha has this kind of upbeat and loveable attitude that just makes you come up to her and hug her and speak to her for hours. She has this beautiful clear smile and loves to experience new places and not in a tourist like manner but more in touch with the locals. So without any further ado, I give to you my interview with Elisha:
1) We met in Krakow, Poland.  What brought you to Poland?
Elisha: I came to Poland to learn more about the Polish culture and to grow my business with Arbonne.  Before my trip, I found you (Anda) on FaceBook and quickly learned how much
you know about and love Krakow.  You were so kind to take me on a personal walking tour of
Krakow and teach me so many morsels of interesting history. I already knew that I loved
Krakow, but you helped me begin to see its true heart!

2) What is Arbonne?
Elisha: Arbonne is a 35-year-old globally expanding company of botanically based premium Swiss quality products that are pure, safe, and beneficial.  They have skincare products for
baby through anti-aging for men and women, makeup, nutrition, and sports performance
products.  Arbonne’s products work synergistically to support health from the inside out. 
Arbonne is an amazing company who cares about the environment, its consumers, and the
industry.  Our products follow the European standard as opposed to the loose US standards,
are made of the best ingredients available, and are free of GMOs, gluten, petroleum, animal
products and by-products, and the long list of harsh chemicals that disrupt hormones and
cause cancer. Arbonne is open in the US, Canada, UK, Poland, and Australia.

3) What does it mean to be an Independent Consultant with Arbonne?
Elisha: Having an Arbonne business is a simple concept.  Arbonne does not pay for
advertising, so it is my job to share products with people by finding what they are interested
in, helping to redirect spending, and to ultimately add health.  Some people are just product
users and some people see the business opportunity and decide to grow their own Arbonne
business. My role is to lead a team of people to do the same.  When people join the team,
they open their business and they set their own pace and goals, following a system that is
proven to work.  The biggest factor in my business that I drew me in was it could be a part
time or full time commitment and my business can be as big as I want it to be.  I have a huge
vision for my team and I am so excited to grow more leaders in Poland.
Elisha and me :)
4) When did you start your business?
Elisha: I began almost a year and a half ago.  At the time, I was a math teacher in a local
school here in Massachusetts, USA, and a friend of mine who is a school principal asked to
meet for coffee.  We chatted about the business and because I saw that this business could
answer that I was looking for, I got started right away. I for a moment suspended the fear of
failure and thought, “what if this works?”

5) What is your favorite product?
Elisha: Ah I have so many! My favorite skincare product is the Intelligence Genius
Resurfacing Pads because it has completely changed my difficult skin that on its own tends
to be dry and break out!  My favorite makeup product is the makeup primer. I didn’t even
know what a makeup primer was before I started by business and I LOVE IT.  For men and
women! Its colorless, but helps to eliminate shiny foreheads and noses.  My favorite nutrition
product is the chocolate protein shake.  I have a protein shake or smoothie every morning for
breakfast.  It is easy to digest, easy and fast for hectic mornings, and tastes amazing.  I
cannot pick just one!

6) What do you love most about your business?
Elisha: As a teacher, I absolutely loved helping students grow and learn, but I was looking for
more.  I really wanted to help and give back in a much greater way, but I didn’t have a way to
do that with my schedule and finances.  I knew I needed more and I needed to make a
change.  My business grows as I help others grow their business and get healthier.  It is
really exciting to lead others to be successful and as a result, I can give back to others in a
really big way.  I will be able to have the time with my future family.  A great aspect about this
business is that I started it while I was teaching and began building it alongside my career.  I
am currently only working on building my business, and I am so excited about what it has
allowed.  I am gaining time and financial freedom, I am growing as a person, and I am
sharing the opportunity with so many others.
7) What are the benefits of having an Arbonne business?
Elisha: There are SO many! Some of the BEST benefits are the people that I get to meet and
work with, the financial and time freedom that I’m creating by adding a really strong residual
income stream, and having the time to do what I love.  I now know what I want my dream life
to look like and am working to make it a reality, while helping others do the same. That
wasn’t an option with my teaching job.

8) Who can have an Arbonne business?
Elisha: Anyone over 18 in the US, Canada, UK, Poland, and Australia, and later this year we
are expanding to Taiwan.  Anyone who would like to expand their financial resources, is
looking to add health to their network of people, or has dreams and goals that their current
situation does not allow.

9) How could someone try the products?
Elisha: Contact me and I will connect you with what you’d like to try and make sure you get
the best deal.

10)  What is the best way to contact you?
Elisha: Email is the best initial way, and then we can Facebook, FaceTime or Skype if that’s

Now I have to say this out loud: Elisha is an amazing lady and you should talk to her at leats once to see how enthusiastic she gets about what she does and what she loves.

** This post was made out of love for this lovely and positive young lady. I was not repayed in any way and all the opinions are my very own, straight from the heart! **

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug