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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

20 Things You Did Not Know About Romania

Dearest hearts,

I don't know if your mothers do the same with you as mine does, but my dear mum loves to share with me - via email and Facebook - information that she founds interesting/intriguing. Some of them I already know, some I don't and once in a while she send this type of information that you just feel like you would like to share with everyone you know. She send me this month an email about the 20 things that one might not know about Romania - my homeland - and I must admit I did not knew them :)  so I thought that if you would like to choose a different travel experience this information would prove fun for you and might make you visit Romania
So, without any further ado, I present to you the 20 points my mum send - in Romanian language, so I have translated them here for you:
1)The network of public transport in Bucharest - not counting the underground - is the 4th biggest in Europe (and one of the most dense in the continent, carrying 2,3 million passengers per day)
2)The Romanian bancnote of 10 bani, introduced in circulation in 1917, is the smallest bancnote in the world. Its measurements were 2,75*3,80cm - read more on Wikipedia about the Romanian Leu
3)The wooden church of the Sapanta-Peri Monastery is the tallest wooden church in the world. The building has a total height of 78 meters and it is located on the banks of the Tisa. It was constructed between 1998 and 2003. The tower of the monastery is visible from a distance of five kilometers over the Tisa and can be admired by Romanians in Transcarpathia, historical Maramures region remaining in Ukraine
4)The most expensive newspaper in the world is a Romanian newspaper. Zimbrul and Vulturul, political and literary journal and the first biweekly newspaper with unionist orientation appeared on July 3, 1850, in Iasi. A copy of 1858 sent to a recipient in Galati, was purchased in 2007 by Joseph Hackmey London collector for $ 1.115 million dollars (830,000 euros). The high value of the item is given by the fact that it has applied homepage eight stamps from the second issue Cap de Bour (Bull Head - one of the most valuable stamps in the world)
5)There is a religion born in Romania and which today is widespread in the United States, Scotland, the Netherlands and Hungary. It's Unitarian faith, which appeared in mid-century Transylvania XVI.
6)Strada Sforii - Rope Street - in Brasov is the third the narrowest street in Europe (after Spreuerhofstraße of Germany and Parliament Street in England). Street is 83 meters long and its width is between 1.11 and 1.35 m
7)The soprano Alma Gluck, one of the finest artists of the world and the first lyric opera singer who managed to sell 1 million records, was born in Iasi, on May 11, 1884
8)And still in 1884, Timisoara became the first city in continental Europe with electrically illuminated street
9)The oldest fossils of Homo sapiens in Europe were discovered in southwest Romania, Oase cave. The fossils, from three individuals (scientists call "Oase 1", "Oase 2" and "Oase 3"), have been dated at 35,000 years old, or 40,500 using calibration data
10)The tallest sculpture in Europe is Decebal's face carved into a cliff in Danube Boilers. The bas-relief is 55 m high and 25 m wide. Other sizes: Eye length: 4.3 meters; Nose length: 7 meters; Nose width: 4 meters
11)The Parliament Palace is the largest civilian administrative building for use as a surface of the world's most expensive office building in the world and the heaviest building in the world. With a surface of 330,000 hectares, is number 2 in the world in the "buildings" (after the Pentagon), and in terms of volume, with 2,550,000 m³ of his, 3rd in the world, after assembly building space rockets from Cape Canaveral in Florida after the Quetzalcoatl pyramid in Mexico - I also knew that it was the 3rd building that can be seen when you are out in space, besides the Great Wall of China and the Egyptian Pyramids
12)Astra Museum in Sibiu is the second largest open air museum in Europe. It covers an area of 96 hectares, of which the actual exhibition occupies 42 hectares
13)The longest love poem in the world is Luceafarul (The Evening Star) written by Mihai Eminescu. A record "formalized" in February 2009
14)The oldest athlete ever to win a marathon is Constantina Dita. It won the 2008, the Summer Olympics in Beijing, at the age of 38 years
15)The racing driver with the longest career is the  Romanian Laurentiu Moldovan. Grand total of 39 years and 364 days
16)Amphetamines were discovered and synthesized for the first time by the Romanian world Edeleanu Lazarus. All Edeleanu Lazarus is the inventor of modern oil refining method
17)The oldest inscription in the world seems to be discovered by the archaeologists at the site of  Sibiu - Orastie motorway 31 October 2012. This could prove the existence of writing since the early Neolithic (c. 6600-5500 BC).
18)The oldest known paint in world history was discovered at the same site: Sibiu - Orastie motorway
19)The Statue of Christ the Redeemer (Cristo Redentor) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - statue considered one of the wonders of the modern world - has sculpted face of a Romanian Gheorghe Leonida
20) The Danube-Black Sea Channel is ranked third in the world among the longest waterways created by man (after Suez and Panama Canal). For its construction were excavated 294 million m3 in the main channel and another 87 million m3 at northern branch Gate White-Midia Năvodari (more than 25 million Suez Canal and Panama Canal than 140 million). Construction of the canal required an investment of about $ 2 billion, implying a payback period of over 600 years

What wonders and records does your homeland hold? :) 

P.S. Did you knew that today Romanian people all over the world celebrate the International Iia’s DayThe initiative of la Blouse Roumaine is to declare June 24th The International Iia’s Day, with the purpose of promoting iia, the traditional Romanian blouse, as a symbol of our country and its beautiful traditions.

Yours truly, 
 The Twisted Red LadyBug