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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Happy 2nd Anniversary To The Twisted Red LadyBug

Dearest hearts,

For She's A Jolly Good LadyBug, For She's A Jolly Good LadyBug, For She's A Jolly Good LadyBug, Which None Can Deny :) The Twisted Red LadyBug Blog is turning today 2 full years. Thank you for sticking around with me for so long and thank you again for being patient and reading all the blog posts on all the random topics I saw fit to write about. Sometimes it's hard keeping up with both family, work, life and the blog at the same time. On the other hand, it's nice to know I have you reading and sharing interests with me. I am glad of all the friends I have made - like Elisha @Arbonne - and the journeys I have shared with my better half. 
During these 2 years we have changed from being friends to being engaged and being married; we have changed from living in a rented flat to having our own apartment where we can put nails in the walls everywhere we please :) It's good to know that next time when my sister will come and she will play with my bow I will not have to worry for the wholes in the wall she may make ;))) It's a nice and warm feeling to know you have your own place in the world and that your friends can come at any time and sleepover if the wish to... (You are all welcome :*)
In these 2 years we have traveled, the 2 of us - side by side, to places we have never been before together:
* Our first trip abroad together was in lovely Austria, when we went to Vienna, The City of Music
* We have been to Germany and visited noisy and excentric Koln (Cologne) & quiet and home-like Bonn 
* We went recently to Belgium, to my lovely and smart sister :* who has an internship at the European Parliament
* Marek visited for the first time Romania and now we go each year there and we try to see new places everytime, if possible - this year we went to Neamt County - The Citadel of Neamt & Suceava County - The Ladies Rocks (Pietrele Doamnei - Rarau)
*  I, on the other hand, got a couple of collaborations with @DiscoverCracow and along with Marek, we went to The Eagle Nest Trail & Wieliczka (the UNESCO renowned salt mine)
* Also, together, we went to see other interesting places in Krakow (and its surroundings) and in Poland, so I recommend you to drop by the What To Visit In Poland page ;)
I would like to thank YOU, dear reader and friend, for being here with me on this journey. I hope that many more years like these will come, but you never know what lies ahead. I would like to thank the great audieces I have from the top 10 countries that visit me on a daily basis ever so often: 
United States
United Kingdom
Czech Republic
Thank you for being with be and respecting what I write and giving me feedback. Thank you for my fellow expats who share my feelings and understand why I do this. In these 2 years I have seen many expat blogs and read their stories on how they settled down in their adoptive homeland. It takes great courage or a huge amount of insanity (or maybe both?!) to get out the comfort of your well known bed, pack your things and go explore the world. In the end, the things you take with you, beyond the veil, are not the bank accounts or the houses or the cars or the iPhones and other electronics... in the end, the things that matter and the things that make you who you truly are... those are the memories and the places you have been to and what you have seen with your very own eyes :)

Yours truly,
The Crazy/Twisted Red LadyBug Who Loves Each And EveryOne Of Her Readers :*