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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Top 7 Movies That Inspire You To Travel

Dearest hearts,

Have you ever watched a movie that made you feel the need, the urge, to get up and pack your backpack and leave for the places that you have just seen? Those far off places that the motion pictures present to you so appealing and so close and reachable that you might even think you could get there in a blink of the eye and only with what you have on yourself - you will manage the rest, all you need are your keys / passport / wallet & credit card. First step: open the door wide and jump in your very own new adventure! Here are my very own favourites when it comes to movies that make your heart jump and pack your own backpack:
1) Forrest Gump - now that is one of the best inspirational movies I have ever seen! When it comes to travelling in the good old USA, this movie has it all: from Utah to South Carolina and Georgia. I have never been to Washington but this movie made me long for it and hope that maybe one day I will manage to see it. A huge plus of Forrest Gump is the true teaching behind it, that no matter who we are and how weak we are physically, you can still manage to overcome yourself and see the best in people and in life. Being with disabilities does not limit you - the only limits that are set are done by your own 2 hands and your own mind. You can be whomever you choose to be and you can go anywhere you wish with just a pair of shoes and will ;) 
2) The Darjeeling Limited - now I must admit I have a huge crush on all Wes Anderson movies (a crush I also share with my very best friend, Dana :) and we are proud of it!) and that I would have loved to be on set on each and everyone of them, but I choose to tell you only of this one as it touches one of the places I hope once I will visit: India :) The movie is all about 3 brothers that have not been communicating with eachother, yet after their father dies they have this train trip throughout India. The way the movie is filmed, the vibrant colors and the culture presented is extremely appealing. Most of the times I just feel the need to reach out my hand through the screen and transport myself there to be able to see / smell the things live...
3) Midnight in Paris - Woody Allen movie - the light and the music in the movie helps enhance the beauty of The City of Lights. Paris is lovely during daytime but when night comes it is like a different city, filled with laughter and light. Woody knew he wanted a romantic Parisian film with lots of soft yellow, gold and bronze and brown tones. That is exactly what he got and the way the movie shows the athmosphere of  the 1920s is just charming! Again, it is one of those movies where I would have liked to switch places with the main character and walk those cobbled streets... I visited Paris before but I would love to do it again and again and again... Paris sera toujours Paris :)
4) The Lord of The Rings / The Hobbit - until I have watched these movies I did not know much about New Zealand. I have to hand it to Peter Jackson - he was brilliant in selecting this location: it has everything you need! The landscapes are simply out of this world - Middle Eart could never had a better location to represent it! Right now, due to the huge interest from the fans, there are a lot of organised tours on the locations where the movie was filmed.
5) Mamma Mia & My Big Fat Greek Wedding - Greece is the cradle of life, the cradle of civilisation as we know it... I have always held Greece close to my heart and I have always felt at peace there. “Happy is the man, I thought, who, before dying, has the good fortune to sail the Aegean sea.”- Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba the Greek. I dare to think and say the same :) Each time I see a shot of the combination of sea-mountain, the islands, the fine sand, the crystal clear water... I lose my thoughts and I back to the times when I would go each year for at least a week in the lovely sunny land of the old Gods.
6) A Room With A View - the best views in Florence can be found in this lovely movie :) Fabulous cast, beautiful cinematography and a tale that presents the shift from the repressive Victorian age to the more liberal Edwardian time. The movie makes you pick the next flight to Florence, Italy, and pick your clothes for your very own adventure, just like Lucy :) Gorgeous Tuscan cinematography, lush opera music and a cast of talented British actors makes the movie PERFECT!
7) Dan Brown novels directed on the big screen: The Da Vinci Code  (2006) / Angels & Demons (2009) - I don't discriminate, I admit it! I loved both movies and I can hardly watch for Inferno (2016) to come to the big screen! I must admit I was lucky enough to be on almost all the sets of the Angels & Demons movie. Da Vinci Code = Louvre, different sites in Paris / Malta / UK / Scotland. Angels & Demons = LA & Rome mainly - with the lovely Castel Sant Angelo, my very favourite location in Rome :) Commissioned by the Emperor Hadrian as a mausoleum for himself and his family, the building has seen service as a fortress and castle, and is now a museum. On the top floor, there’s a terrace with spectacular views over the city - the best place to take pictures of Rome at sunset ;)

What are your go to movies when it comes to travelling? Which movied inspired you to pick up your things and go see the world? Do you agree with my selection - have you seen them all? :) 

Yours truly,
The LadyBug That Loves To Travel