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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

On Faith And Mother Nature's Power

My dear friends,

Do you sometimes get in awe of Nature? Of the way God created us small and powerful yet insignificant in the face of real life events... Almost a week ago I woke up bright and early - as always - around 5:30 am. While in the shower, watter running and all and me trying to wakeup, I started to hear this loud banging sounds, like the walls of the house were crashing upon us. It took me a few seconds to realise that I am in a ferm and high building block, on the 7th floor, in a non - seismic country, and that no roof was going to fall upon me! I continued the shower, somewhat rushed, and went outside to find Marek out for a smoke. He asked me to come out on the balcony with him... it was dark!
Usually at around 6 am there is quite a lot of light and no electricity is needed but now it was as dark as in the late evening. We went outside, on the balcony, and you could not see a thing from the pouring rain. It was as if giants were having waterbucket challenges! There was a constant curtain of water and strong wind... I think the storm lasted for half an hour but coming out of the house after it gave me quite a sight to behold... everywhere fallen and broken trees... their bodies pulled from the ground, with their roots up in the air - searching for the last breath... it was a sad sight!
All along the way, going to work, I could see both old and young trees pulled from their homes. The trains and buses were late, electricity got cut down in several locations throughout the city. People who did not have cars and relied on the public transport were late several minutes (even hours) getting to work. On the positive side, in less than 2 hours after the fury of nature, most of the trees were placed again in the ground - in the Kraków Business Park - so I admire the promptness! 
Mother Nature has moments in which she shows us what God is capable of. The fury, the power and the destructive energy is something that we - as mere mortals, humans - cannot face. In moments like this you either close your eyes and wait for it to pass or you embrace it with all your heart. I believe that then you will be able to find peace, as you know you cannot control it, you have no power of it, so there is no point to stress over it :) Knowing your limits will help you overcome your fears. For me things like storms and oceans make me feel at home and at peace. Of course I know they can turn against me and a hurricane may come or a tidal wave may flush in, but having faith helps rest your soul and face the world with a smile.
Mother Nature is only God's way of telling us he is there, watching over us. I think it's his way of showing us that what peace we believe we have is not complete without Him. You need to have faith and be strong. You need to build your house on the rock, not on sand but on solid ground, so you would not feel that the walls coming down when storm will come upon you. Where did you build your house? Mine is on a cliff, overlooking the ocean, on a strong and firm rock. How about yours? :)

DISCLAIMER - All pictures were taken with the camera from my Samsung Galaxy S4, no filter and no modification - Copyrights reserved :)

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug that loves Mother Nature's Power