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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Happy Church Ceremony - 1 Year And Counting :)

My dear sweet friends,

“I don't want to be married just to be married. 
I can't think of anything lonelier than spending the rest of my life with someone I can't talk to, or worse, someone I can't be silent with.” Mary Ann Shaffer 

One year ago, at almost the same time, I was telling you "Today I'm Off: It's Wedding Time! :)"- well guess what? Today His Royal Awesomeness - My Husband - and I are celebrating 1 year since our very own Church Wedding. Now we need to make a distinction, in our case, when we say which wedding we celebrate as we actually had 3 - this comes as a perk of being an expat. We had our civil ceremony and part in December 2013, the church ceremony and the party in Poland on this very day last year & we had the wedding party in Romania this year in April. It all makes sense! Wouldn't the prince and princesses of the old have wedding for 3 days and 3 nights? Well that is exactly what we did! Plus, it is great fun when someone asks you about your wedding and you answer "Which one?" - not to mention the faces when you say that you married the same person 3 times... some people would not do that once in their lifetime and you said "Yes" 3 times! The reactions are priceless ;))) plus we get to celebrate 3 times a year... shouldn't we celebrate love and being united with the one we love everyday of our life's?  I see no harm in that. 
The civil wedding is done so that the law, the government and the people can see you as one. The church wedding is done so that you may have the blessing of the union from God himself, through the priest officiating the ceremony. The party back home is for the motherland, so that she may welcome the union as well ;) sounds about right, doesn't it? I was reading this year about this lively couple who got married in different countries around the world. They got the right to officiate the wedding and need only a witness... I believe that is a beautiful yet wild idea. Having parties and ceremonies with the ones you love VS. Travelling the world = tough choice... but I guess our mentality also has a word to say and when pleasing the ones you love is higher, you know what you'll choose in a split second.  
Picture taken by Mateusz W. - in front of our beloved St. Peter and Pavel Church, on Grodzka
That does NOT mean that I did not live every second of these 3 lovely parties. I was holding the hand of the one I love, surrounded by people who love me and care about me, and having a great time! Each of the 3 events were different, unique in their own way, but the one that I really consider as THE Wedding is the Church Ceremony that we celebrate today. I really do not know how time flies by so fast... one moment I was waking up to get to the hairdresser and the next thing I remember it was 6 am next day and I was laying flat on my back, exhausted, high heels thrown away and smiling to my amazing husband, trying to recall the little details of the day that passed... trust me, you think you will immediately fall asleep after a day like that, but it never happens! Not even after the 3rd time ;)))
I was told that we should never count the years in ones life but the memories and the moments of happiness. We are not defined by numbers and possessions but by experiences and that is precisely what I love about my man :) we love discovering new things together and we complete eachother in the way that we are: I am a total people person - lover,  he can't stand large audience / parties; I have no clue how to cook and I burn the house if I try, he does the most amazing dishes you have ever tasted; I adore travelling and seeing new places, he hates it but indulges me everytime and teases me by telling me all the wonderful places he has been to... like Machu Picchu! I am as nonsensical and illogical as you can get and he can beat up your arse when it comes to destroying your opinions with logics... we are a match made in Heaven and I must admit many who crossed our path and got to know us tell us that. It is wonderful to hear that by seeing us and hearing our stories people gain trust that true love really exists :) and I am glad for the faith that they raise by seeing us together. 
If I would look back upon the things we have achieved together, this past year - as a team, as  a whole, I must admit there are many things to be thankful for:
1. Having achieved 3 weddings in 3 years in 3 locations, having the ones we love next to us
2. Travelling together to lovely (yet very dirty) Brussels and checking out all those iconic sites, like the Atomium and the European Parliament (where my awesome sister works). BONUS: riding the Brussels Airlines Airbus 320 - "Rackham"
3. Visiting the quiet small town of Nowy Sacz and enjoying the best pierogi I have ever ate - besides the fried ones with meat at Babcia Malina - and recording to my heart and soul the best view from a tower in Czestochowa... priceless when done extremely early in the morning...
4. Travelling together to colorful and happy Wroclaw  (or should I call it Venice of the North?) and having a contest on whom spots the most gnomes quicker
5. Experiencing the 60 seconds of silence, in Warsaw, with the ocasion of the 71st anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising
6. Travelling together through Romania - checking out the castle that could not be conquered by the Polish king Jan Sobieski & the proud and tall Romanian mountains, still covered in snow, in the lovely month of April
7. Checking out things from the Bucket List: like zorbing for me, baloon-footbal for Marek, going to the Festival of Film Music in Kraków, listening to the symphony concert lead by Diego Navarro, attending the Misteria Paschalia Festival (that was enlightening! )
8. Going to the opera together - for the enrichment of the soul - and having the best seats in the house. Play - La Traviata. Ocasion - The 19th Kraków Opera Summer Festival 
9. Doing things together for the blog - I don't know if I ever mentioned it but Marek is the biggest fan and supporter of this blog. He always comes with new ideas on posts and what we could do to find new things to do for it. He always has my back covered and sometimes when I review places I have been invited to, he comes along.  This last year we had a stay at Globtroter Krakow and we both agreed it was cozy and nice + we would recommend it to friends as the perfect guest house in the city center. We also enjoyed the day trips that Discover Cracow tour company has provided. Especially the one - day trip of the Trail of the Eagles Nests - with Bobolice, Ogrodzieniec and Ojcow Castle
10. Last but not least: we have now our very own nest :) that's right, we moved into out very own home in mid - December and we already had our first Christmas tree and New Years champagne inside the house - and nothing got destroyed in the process ;))) we have now 4 rooms and 2 bathrooms with enough space to hosts friends and family - we even started a Guest Book for the friends that visit us and stay over ;)) they have intimacy now and they can sleep on their very own white IKEA beds and not on a mattress in the same room with us.  Ahhh ... the comfort :) ( don't ask us yet about the credit time and rates, I - for one - am still in denial over the amount of time...). 
I wish to give thanks to God for his patience with me. When I decided that what I would do with my life is work and travel and be amazing aunt, when my sister would settle down and get married, I did not see this happening. I used to wish and dream of a prince, on a white horse, that would sweep me off my feet... I never actually thought that it may happen.  And in a foreign country! Life and destiny is good at hitting you where it hurts. With a hammer. Maybe even Thor's! Well that is how it hit me... suddenly I realised that I was facing the single man that I could imagine myself growing old with: Marek. I knew it in my heart I had to say "I do!" - and I did that with all my heart and I will do it every day of my life.  Thank you for being with me, my kotek :*

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Yours truly,
A LadyBug very much in love with her Kotek