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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Outdoor Tour of Wawel Castle and Gardens

Good day everyone :)

In case you have not noticed the wonderful weather we had lately, even for Poland!, then I have no idea where you have been the last 2 months... maybe locked inside reading some over - captivating book or maybe beating your own record at some computer game... Then I have to tell you, my friend, you are missing out on the summer and what it has to offer! 
It is true, sometimes it is rather a horrid thought to go out where there are over 35 degrees Celsius, especially if inside you have air conditioning and fresh lemonade or water from the fridge... but you can't have them both! And as you know summer is the most used time of the year to have your block leave from work and enjoy some time off. Or if you are not that fond of block leaves, you can always have a city - break in the weekend ;) and Kraków is the place to be! Actually Kraków is the place to be on all seasons, but I may be biased as I live here for 4 years now ;))) 
Kraków is the perfect place for a city - break!  No matter how picky you are, you  will find at least one thing you will like here, I guarantee! The city is a must for people who love history, especially the Second World War part; it is a magical place for those in love with architecture and a perfect location to find hidden secrets and stories. Did I mention the city is very children friendly? :) or that you have many bike tracks inside and outside Kraków? But the must see on everyone's list will probably be the Wawel Castle! 
Now you may remember me telling you about the Wawel Castle before, so I will not bother you with specifics today (check the links for more info: The Most Important Residence of Polish Knights; The State Rooms & The Lost Wawel; Crown Treasury & Armoury & Leonardo daVinci's Lady With the Ermine). Today I will present you an option available for Wawel Castle visitors ONLY in the summertime: Wawel Architecture and Gardens Tour - delivered in Polish or in English. The tour is closed from 1st October to 30th of April! So make note of this and come for it during the summer. It is available between 16th June and 30th September, this year, from Monday to Sunday (each day) from 11 am to 3 pm - the tours are scheduled depending the weather so if it rains, don't bother to come...
The size of the group is listed to be maximum 30 people and the tour begins at the Lost Wawel exhibition. The last stop is the Sandomierska Tower, which is the highest tower of the castle, right next to one of the entrance gates. The tickets are 18/10 PLN (around 4 euro - children under 7 years if age are admitted free - first price is the normal one and the second is with discount). To be noted there are no free admission days - Wawel Castle has free admission day though, if you wish to visit it free of charge ;) The tickets must be bought in the administration building - Castle Ticket Office or by reservation (email:
This tour is not recommend though to people with locomotor disabilities, as the terrace and the gardens have steps and there is no way to use the wheelchair. Also if you wish to climb the Sandomierska Tower, you will do that without the guide and you will have to climb 137 steps (the total for both inside and outside stairs). What I must admit is that the view is totally worth it! It was one of the first places I have managed to visit inside the Castle and the view over the Vistula river is lovely. Let me know if you book it and go to the tour - I would love to know your opinions on it. My favourite part is the Tower ;) too bad there was no ghost... 

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug that loves to climb Towers for a better view :)

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