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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Krakow - Genji Premium Sushi

My dear honey buns,

You know how much I love to experiment and try new places. Today I will tell you about the best restaurant I found until now, when it comes to Japanese food. I will tell you today about the Genji Premium Sushi restaurant, located on Dietla. It is the only restaurant of its kind in Kraków but it is very special in its own way.
My dear friend Alex was asking me why / how come the Polish people have this passion for Japanese food and culture. I was not sure what to reply but I pointed our that this connection is actually going both ways. I know many people who studied Japanese culture and many friends who took upon themselves to learn the dialects. I also realised, while living in Kraków for more than 4 years now, that there are a lot of Japanese students and also tourists coming here each year.
To be noted out that the Japanese people are the quickest I have ever seen into picking up the Polish language and speaking it like a pro. I have also never met a Japanese person that was not in live with Chopin and Polish culture and I believe that could be a sign why so many good restaurants of this kind were open here, in Kraków - but also in general, in Poland.
Genji Sushi Premium in Kraków is a 2 level restaurant that will magically become one of your favourite - trust me ;) The ground floor is a spacious area with small tables for 2 to 4 persons but also with a bar where you can stay and watch the Japanese sushi master chefs doing their thing! The cellar though is my personal favourite as it has several small rooms, separated, perfect for private meetings. The Genji Restaurant is filled with decorations that create an oriental feel.
The rooms for 4 people
The name of the restaurant comes from a Japanese book from the 11th century, considered the oldest novel in the world! "Genji Monogatari" or "The Tale of Genji" tells the story of the affairs of Prince Genji written by a Japanese noblewoman, Murasaki Shikibu. It is a tale of life and love, but I will leave you to Google for it if you wish to know more ;)
Ramen Seafood and the additional salad
If you wish to know in advance what you would like to eat, you can always check out their lovely Facebook page (in Polish language) or the Internet page (bilingual). The lovely thing about the menu is that it comes also with pictures, as a quick preview. The waitresses speak Polish and English and the menus are also in both languages. As you come down the stair to the cellar, the waitresses will lead you to a room fitting to the number of people in your party. Once you are seated you will receive the menu and be left in peace to decide on the drinks / food.
The Tea Serving - Jasmin Tea
I really love the service - the waitresses - as they are always smiling and eager to her,  though the time to get the food is a huge issue - even if the restaurant is almost empty! I guess that is why the ratings of the place are quite low, even if the food is absolutely delicious! When you need anything all you need to do is use the classic Korean service bell - everyone was actually fighting to ring it! ;)) there might have been some jokes referring to a certain "red button" and Putin...
Baked Green Mussels - Entre
There is also a special room that we simply love: the tatami room, with the low table and where you can enjoy a traditional meal being also seated in a traditional manner, without the regular chairs. You have to take off your shoes and place them outside the entrance and stay seated with crossed legs. Up to 8 people can have the room but I think it is perfect for 4 people to have spacious room ans enjoy their time. The music is always also very precious to me - they have recordings of regular popular songs but played with the traditional string musical Japanese instruments. Addictive! :)


When  it comes to the food I must shout out that each time I have been there the ingredients were fresh and the dishes tasted awesomely.  My taste buds were in 7th Heaven! Especially after the Ramen Seafood - topped with 2 huge mussels but inside it has several types of seafood... fingerlicking good and extremely satious - I needed nothing more after eating it. I also enjoyed the Bibimbap - steamed rice with beef and vegetables (mushrooms included) in a stoneware pot, with a fried egg on top. Also I can recommend you as an entre the Baked Green Mussels - marinated, with rice and fish eggs on top, they are you but last time we were there it took the chef about an hour to make them... so I ended up eating them at the same time with the main dish :( I must admit I have not yet tried the sushi there, but the time is not lost and I will go there again ;)

TO BE NOTED: Genji Sushi Premium has also a Membership Card that gives it's owner a 5% discount.

Currently in TripAdvisor the Genji Sushi Premium is listed as #307 of 988 Restaurants in Kraków and #336 of 1062 places to eat in Kraków, with a total of 42 reviews and 4 stars out of 5.

Tips and tricks:
  • I suggest making a reservation if you wish to have the special tatami room ;)
  • If you have the membership card it is better to say that out to the waitresses before you order the food
- Miso Soup - 5 zloty
- Kimchi Salad - 9 zloty
- Seafood Salad - 22 zloty
- Baked Green Mussels - 15 zloty for 3 pieces
- Seafood Ramen - 28 zloty
- Bibimbap - 38 zloty
- Apple tempura - 15 zloty
- Jasmine tea = my personal favourite drink - 8 zloty
For more prices on the Genji menu please check online here.
The prices are all in Polish Zloty ( local currency ) when 1 Polish Zloty = 0.24 Euro.

Please let me know how you liked it and what you have tried. If you wish to know more about other Restaurants in Kraków that serve Japanese food - especially sushi - you can check also the below:
Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves Japanese Food :)

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