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Friday, 2 October 2015

Romania - Iasi: Moo Gelato, The Best Icecream In Town

My dearest readers,

What is the one product everyone buys during summertime? As the saying goes... I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream ;) and if ever you are in Iasi, Romania, my Moldavian hometown, you must try the best icecream in town - as it's brand promo also states - Moo Gelato. I had told you about Moo Cafe before - located in Palas Mall area. I bumped into this brand around 3 years ago when I first came to its lovely cozy place. The Moo Cafe has the best spinach tart I ever ate and the fresh mint lemonade is the best on a summer afternoon! But wait until you try the icecream - which is based, it seems, on an Italian  receipe...
When I first came to Iasi, Moo was just coming into the market and had just one location. Now it has several small stands, I believe 2 also within the Palas Mall, plus a few stands in Copou - in the most frequented locations/parks. In those wooden stands they sell yummy, creamy and delicious icecream. I believe they open up in spring and close in autumn. The weather back home allows them to be practically open almost all year round.
There are a few reasons why I really like the Moo Gelato icecream. The first reason is the unique taste that makes me feel that this icecream might be the real deal. It tastes very natural and apparently they say it had milk of 3.5% fat! The texture is creamy and fine, well whipped, and melts slowly - heavenly taste! Your taste buds will love it! Plus the colors of the flavours are quite pale and natural. They don't look synthetical as if someone dropped colorant on them ;)
I assume they always produce fresh batches as each time I was passing a selling spot they would have someone deliver a new batch. Or I was just lucky and caught them at the right moment all the time ;))) I read also about them that they have few conservants so they are producing it in small quantities. And when you look at the final product, that is just picture perfect and needs no filter!, your lip begins to quiver and you will feel an urge to scream for some sugar :) Icecream!!!
To be noted that the Moo Gelato icecream would not be complete without a topping, and as it is - per receipe - an Italian product, what topping would be better than some Nutella chocolate? :) I was simply melted when I tasted it for the first time - I tried the combination of maracuja, red watermelon and yellow melon with the topping... I almost went back to ask for another portion of topping! It went amazing with the fruity flavours! Later on I tried the Nutella, the lemon, the green apple, the chocolate one... but I must say my fav will stay the lemon and the melon ones ;) but you need to try them all until you figure out your love ;)

Prices: 3,5 RON per cup + 1 RON for the chocolate Nutella topping (trust me, you want it!). So for a portion of 3 cups + topping = 11,5 RON = almost 3 euros ;) You should have cash with you, if possible, but they also serve cards - though no American Express.

P.S. The locals love it and so will you. And guess what? Moo loves you too! ;)))

Yours most sincerely,
The Twisted Red LadyBug

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