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Friday, 27 November 2015

Daniel Craig's Last Bond Movie - Spectre

Dear friends,

**WARNING!!! This post contains a review of Spectre. It may turn out to be an extensive post so please grab yourself a cup of tea and a warm blanket and Enjoy! Be careful and read not this post if you did not see the movie; this piece comes with spoilers ;)**
After 4 films as the ideal "Bond. James Bond", Daniel Craig says goodbye to his wonderful character and establishes himself as the merciless killer with charm and amazing sense of humor. He is terrifying but at the same time smooth (seducing all the ladies of the movie) and timeless in his custom made tuxedos. Daniel Craig as Bond is a dark hero - mostly due to his job description: professional killer ("licensed to kill")

We did not go to the cinema for the premiere but we knew we wanted to see Spectre on the big screen. After waiting for the craziness to cool down we went 5 days after the Grand Opening in Poland.  We went to the Multikino and enjoyed seeing the lovely filmed action scenes on the big screen. If you are a Bond fan, like we are, and you have seen all the movies, I suggest you do the same. You will not like seeing it the first time on the small screen, at home. The feeling is not the same. Indeed it is not the best, not the worst, Bond Movie but I would recommend you to get your lay arses off and get to the cinema for it. 

The movie starts with the best opening scene I have seen in a Bond Movie,  to tell you the truth. James is in the magical Mexico City exactly on the Day of the Dead. We see him in the middle of the parade, trying to catch an Italian member of Spectre (we find later on about the Spectre association). The shot holds from the parade to the hotel and then launches us to a chase on the top of the buildings (amazing roofline continuous shot!). But that is not all! Insert some explosives and a building collapsing, only Bond and the villain getting out alive (of course!). All topping up with a helicopter flight - fight over the parade. It's ok! It's legal for Bond to jeopardise thousands of people just to kill someone and get his hands on a ring ;) 
Chasing scene at the beginning of the movie - Mexico City
Take that scene aside and some smaller ones and you will get some good stuff, but to tell you the truth (and I asked many of my friends of their opinion as well) Spectre does not raise up to the level of Skyfall.  The music was ok but not inspiring and I was missing both Madonna and Adele on the soundtrack... the credit scene was slippery... tentacles included! :/ 

Don't get me wrong, I quite like Daniel Craig as Bond but for me Bond will ALWAYS be Sean Connery. I go back a long way with him :) I remember watching movies with him since I was a wee lass. Of course it is the same story about Roger Moore = The Saint! Always! On the other hand I must admit now Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig are fighting for the 2nd place as Bond in my heart :) He plays 4 movies over 10 years and now he retires in almost all the glory it deserves. 

Spectre was supposed to bring all the last movies of Daniel Craig as Bond together as one, but sometimes it fails... it would be good if you could, before watching Spectre, rewatch the other 3! During the movie there are quite a lot of references to them, and you may feel lost a bit if you never watched them before. On the bright side, we have the amazing villain Christoph Waltz - the alter ego of James?... I have mixed feelings about him. He was not as cool and frightening as Javier Bardem, but he was a nice and spicy addition nonetheless. 
Daniel Craig, Monica Belucci, Lea Seydoux @ London Premiere of Spectre
On the even more bright side we have Miss Seydoux - the first lady that almost got me thinking that she may be Bond's equal, even though they do not quite spend that much time together on screen :/ she does really point out some mean and true questions to Bond, in a psychoanalyst way, that gets him wondering. It's a good way to say goodbye to James Bond - Daniel Craig, as he catches the criminal and gets the girl in the end. They all live happily ever after... 

The very best part of Spectre - as almost in all James Bond movies - is the supporting team comprised of: Ralph Fiennes as the new M (loved him!), Naomi Harris as Money Penny (the first colored Money Penny - she is sparkling sweet and smart and reliable) and gorgeous Ben Whishaw as the tech - freak gadget - creator computer - hacker Q (I just love his character and how in Spectre they got him doing some field work as well!).

Overall I would grade Spectre 7 out of 10 stars - definitely not one of the best but for sure not one of the worst. Would I like to see it at the cinema (big screen) even after knowing this? Yes, I would. Would I pay for another ticket just to rewatch it on the big screen? Nope, not really - but I bet I will do that for the new Star Wars movie that is coming in less than a month! Have you seen Spectre? If so, did you pay up for the big screen (maybe even IMAX) experience? Did you feel you were cheated or did you think Daniel was a good Bond until the end? I believe he did quite a good job. He ain't no Sean Connery, that's true! but I do think he fitted in like a glove in those suits/tuxedos and was quite fluid in his movements when it came to the action scenes ;) Now you tell me your feelings!

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Will ALWAYS Enjoy a Bond. James Bond! Movie :)

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