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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

How To... Know You Are (Most Probably) Talking To Someone Who's Polish

Good day my dear sweethearts!

Have you welcomed the lovely month of November yet? Counting the days until the coming of the new Star Wars movie & Christmas? I know I am :)  I can hardly wait for that... I keep looking at the calendar and I feel the months and days slipping through my fingers, like the sands of time. It was spring just yesterday, where did it all go away? On the bright side, today we are back with another "How To... In Poland" session. 
How Do You Recognise The Polish Lads/Lasses From The Crowd?!
This is a helpful session for those travellers who may bump into other people while travelling, and might wish to know more about the regular Polish lad/lass. Even if thery will not say they are from Poland (which is impossible, as they are very proud and nationalistic, and love to talk of their country!) you will still be able to figure them out with a little help from the list below. So, without further ado, let me tell you a few signs that would show if someone is Polish or not (or if he/she has Polish roots):
  1. First of all, the accent may be perfectly British (most of the Polish friends I have speak English with a perfect British accent!) but when they will speak with their friends/family they will automatically switch and you will not recognise them anymore! Be prepared for a lot of weird sounds (that sound very much like parseltongue...) like sz, cz...
  2. Second of all (or maybe even first, to tell you the truth!)... OMG! I have never seen a nation complain more :))) and it is so damn contagious! I see myself doing that more and more! The complaining over anything and everything is a conversation started and everyone does it! It's like a national sport...
  3. The kissing - always 3 times! Left - Right - Left cheek! and for ladies, from gentleman, you will receive a lovely kiss on the right hand. Very gentleman like ;)
  4. Are they telling you stories of weekends with the family, where they would wake up in the smell of freshly baked cookies (they may even mention the magical word "ciasto") & they would have the traditional lunch with everyone. Lunch would always include "rosol" = chicken soup + potatoes with salad and meat. If they visit you in the weekend, for lunch, and you don't have that... they may be surprised or wait for more ;)
  5. There is no celebrating of Halloween, but there is the All Saints Day! That would be the day of prayer for all the souls... The first day of November is a holiday in Poland. As many people make journeys to visit the burial places of their relatives, heavy traffic develops and accident statistics peak. Most commercial activity also ceases. Cities set up special bus lines which travel between traffic hubs and cemetaries. Streets are filled with silent and solemn crowds, and cemeteries glow with thousands of candles, presenting a unique and picturesque scene. So if they are not around during that time... you know why ;)
  6. When it comes to Christmas celebrations, get ready if they ever invite you! Especially if they invite you to their very own home - family included! Christmas dinner = 12 dishes (like the 12 apostols, that's right!) and you also need to share good wishes with the family. The whole family!
  7. They tend not to celebrate their birth date but their namesake. So don't worry if you forget their birthday (even if Facebook will remind you of that!) as they rather enjoy celebrating their name day. 
  8. You will be served tea - without milk - no matter the time when you will visit. It's morning, you drop by for a small chat - first question: would you like some tea? Afternoon, you drop by, maybe you wish to tell him of a bad news... - first reaction: let me put the kettle on for some tea! Evening, you come just to say hi - it's so dark outside, let's have some tea! ;))) I am kidding here, but trust me, they will always offer your tea! There is nothing a warm cup of tea can't fix!
  9. The resistency to heavy drinking - especially beer & vodka. I have not seen another nation - except the Russian people - that can handle this large amounts of beer / vodka without looking affected by it. I blame that on the rather colder weather in Poland... but still... I think it may be something in their genes! They will be the ones not bringing beer to the parties, but bringing the bottle of vodka with the small vodka shot! ;)
  10. The helping hand - they may not know you but they will jump in and give you a helping hand. Of course, complaining all along, but they will help. They are not afraid of hard work and once they become your friend (and it takes time for them to accept you 100% as friend) they will always be there for you!
Do you feek there is any other tendency / subject / items that gives them away? How do you recognise a Polish person from the crowd - and don't say blue eyes & blonde hair & tall stature... I would love to hear your opinion on this :)
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Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug that loves to help travelers out there & expats finding their way to the proud Polish land

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