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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Krakow - Choco Cafe - A Little Wonder

Good day everyone!

I hope you are feeling well today, ready to take on the challenges of the world. If not, don't you worry! I bet you have enough strength in you to smile. Smiling always will make you feel better, especially if you mean it. Maybe at first you won't, but then maybe a small child will smile back at you, or you will see a beautifully colored tree against the setting sky and then you will truly smile :) if everything else fails... well then... don't you worry! There is always a yummy thing called CHOCOLATE that will make you smile wide :) and today I will share with you a "little wonder" that we have discovered in Kraków with the help of 2 sweet friends - thank you Ania and Lukasz :*
Our dear friends came over for a day-two (for a concert in Kraków, and they came early to see us) and we enjoyed a Sunday together. I always love it when friends dear to us sleepover. We can get to talk to them and plan new outings, at leisure. Sunday we went out and ate at our very favourite Pod Sukienicce (you remember Pod Wawelem, of course, they are from the same chain of restaurants). Ania, when she was studying in Kraków, worked at a very nice coffee/hot chocolate shop and she hadn't been there in years. Even though we were full from the awesome meal at Pod Sukienicce, we could not say no to trying a new place out :)
Small details @ Choco Cafe Krakow
That is how we ended out in Choco Cafe on Wislna 8. I must admit I have passed that street a couple of times and I have never seen it... it did not jump out and scream: "Come here!" Yet the place is extremely cosy and constantly full. The Choco Cafe has 4 rooms connected to eachother, with stairs from one room to the other. As you enter, you can see the counter/bar area and to the right you have small 2 people tables with a continuous couch. There is a special 2 person table, a bit above the ground level, with a view outside - the couple would constantly be watched by people outside, or maybe they will watch the passer-by people?... depends how you look on it! We stayed in the next rooms, quite small, with only 2 tables - one for 4 and one for 2. Take 2-3 stairs up and you can get to 2 more other small salons - children friendly ;)
I had the Bailey's Ice - 3 scoops of icecream, topped with Bailey's Irish whiskey, whipped cream and a lot of forest nuts that went delicious with the whole composition. Marek - my awesome other half - had a Royal Chocolate and was very impressed of the combination of tastes. He agreed that we must go again and try new things from the menu. Ania had a white chocolate with strawberry syrup and whipped cream - extremely smooth and creamy and delicious and sweet... that was one caloric bomb! I would say this place is not recommended for people with diabetes ;) Lukasz wanted some sernik (= polish cheesecake) but they were all out... that is what I think I will try next! :) he told me it was finger licking glorious...
Inside view - first room @ Choco Cafe Krakow
The Facebook page was launched in 2013, but I am unsure if the Choco Cafe was not open even before that! This lovely, cozy and very warm place is open Monday through Sunday between 08:00-22:00. As "Cuisine" they are listed as "Breakfast, Delis and Sandwiches", but I would treat them more as a very nice desserts place, for family and friends. The Choco Cafe takes bookings, walk-ins, groups or parties. It is a place more for table service but you can also go to the counter and order there, if you really wish to - but please be nice and leave the 10% tip for the very nice ladies ;) For the full menu you can go on their bilingual Internet page, but unfortunately the menu is only on the Polish version and it has no translation :( It would be nice if they would invest some time / money and do that in English as well, considering the amount of foreign students and visitors coming in Krakow. They also have a Google Plus Page, also maintained in Polish language, in case you wish to follow them out and see what goodies they will have next ;)
Choco po krolewsku @ Choco Cafe Krakow
- Bailey's Ice (my sweet treat) - 17 zloty
- Choco Po Krolewsku (translated: Royal Chocolate > my awesome husband's treat) - 17 zloty
- Shakes - 14 zloty
- Yogurt Cocktails - 10 zloty 
- Hot chocolate > goes from almost 8 zloty to around 15 zloty (depends what you add to it - whipped cream, fruits, dried fruits, nuts... you name it!)
- Cakes - around 8 zloty per portion (I heard the Cheesecake here is the best, so I need to go again and try that one day)

* NOTE TO YOU, LOVELY PEOPLE: Inside it is usually quite hot, so dress light! 
You will most probably spend around 17-20 zloty per person here, which is a decent price, especially considering the location - very close to the Main Market Square and the Krakow Planty (park area). You can pay cash but also by Visa, American Express, Mastercard. On TripAdvisor, the Choco Cafe is listed as #454 of 1013 Restaurants in Krakow and #494 of 1088 Places To Eat in Krakow - 4 out of 5 stars and 71 reviews (November 2015).
Bailey's Ice @ Choco Cafe Krakow
Have you ever been to the Choco Cafe on Wislna 8 in Krakow? Have you tried anything on their delicious menu? Are you very fond of travelling and you are planning to come to Krakow soon? Thinking of a sweet place to have a small break while in this lovely town? Look no further than Choco Cafe. Even I think of coming back and trying some more of these goodies ;) so if you get there before I do, please share your thoughts and feelings! I would love to hear from you!

** This post was made out of love for good places to hang out with friends. I was not repayed in any way and all the opinions are my very own, straight from the heart! **

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves To Discover New Places With Friends :) 

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