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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The Things That Money Can't Buy

Good morning sweethearts,

Do you ever wake up in the morning with that feeling that you can rule the world if only you put your mind into it? Then you surely have those moments as well, when along the day, the positive vibes drop and you end up thinking that the world cannot be ruled. Alright, maybe you would be able to rule it a bit if you would have more money. You know all the people say that truly it is the money that makes the world go around...
So you wake up the next day, ready to give your best, earn as much money as you can, thinking that would buy you approval from your family / friends / society. As you earn more you need more, and the wheels of the consumerism keep turning and turning... You no longer live in a dorm, you moved to a flat. From the rented flat you buy the apartment, you sign the 30 years contract for the money lease... and the you have kids and want a house so you exchange the apartment for the house and get more credit... You can be 18 but you may nit be able to live without the latest iPhone and spend your past time in taking "artistic" photos with the newest model of Canon / Nikon DSLR - pick your poison!...
We live in order to consume and we hoard things without even knowing, without considering what we are doing. Sometimes we might stop and reconsider and throw things away or give for charity... but we quickly come back to the old habits. I think it is hard, fighting with ourself each day. Some seem to make it better than other, but I guess all is relative in the eye of the beholder. Maybe what we should all look forward is being content with ourself. Being at peace with yourself is the first step. Being at peace with the people around you is the next one. The fact that you cannot change the world, but only yourself... this idea, this truth, should sink in us and be part of our DNA.
Instead of looking into this moment we always focalize either on the past or the future. That is when we start complaining and seeing the grass greener on the other side... I shall try my best to stop my rant here, and share with you some of the things I believe you cannot buy... some things are just not made to be bought with money, some things you cannot measure their value and put a price on it... For me, here is the top 3 of those "things":
Astronomical Clock - Prague - Czech Republic - made by #twistedredladybug
1. Money can't buy you time - there was no time machine created, as much as we would love to have such an opportunity to see your future and how humanity would look like in the next dozen years... The is no price you can pay to stop time and make you stop aging, nor will you be able to get more time with the ones you love once they will die. You cannot reverse time and you cannot put a price on the time you lost... make the most out of it and make each second count.
2. Money can't buy you love - it may buy you some kind of popularity or influence but it will not buy you the love of the people around you. Take for example Queen Marie Antoinette... she had all the money and jewels and dresses/shoes, horses... she would wish for, she was popular, yet she was not loved by the French people. She died not knowing that what was most important was to have the heart of her people. Now take for example Princess Diana - also named worldwide The Queen of Hearts. She gave herself to helping people, she understood the need of each person she met and she dedicated herself to love the people she was surrounded by. She was (and is) loved and not for her bank account.
3. Money can't buy you happiness - I have seen more people with less money that they were more happy than many people with larger bank account details... People stubbornly believe that a bigger house and a newer car and a fat bank account would make them happy and they chase their whole life away this false god that they make. They cloud their vision with parties and fake friendships that would go down the drain if they would become bankrupt... they do not see that being happy lies in each of us. A dormant power connected to love, family and friendship. 

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Knows Money Can't Buy Everything!

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