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Friday, 6 November 2015

Why I Love/Hate Career Fairs

Dearest hearts,

How many of you have done voluntary work, social work? Nowdays it's a trend to do it just because it's posh or it's the right thing to do. I met only few people in my life that genuinely did it because they cared for that specific topic. I started doing a lot of voluntary work in my University years, when I joined the League of Economic Students. It was fun and also at the same time you had the feeling that you were doing something good not only for yourself but also for society.
As you grow up maybe you will start looking around you and see that you are not alone in this world. You will maybe see that with the knowledge you have, you can help people, guide them along the way. I love how my company allows people to experiment with voluntary work and sustains different/diverse projects that would allow everyone to have their pick. I like to help in all, if I can have time, through taking pictures of the projects.
This year, at the very beginning, you may remember me mentioning about a Career Fair. We do this kind of presentations at least twice a year - spring and autumn - in Kraków, Wroclaw and Warsaw. I always like to go to the Kraków one. Just last week, on Thursday, there was the Absolvent Talent Day, again in ICE Kraków Arena. I was glad and at the same time disturbed to be part of it... let me tell you why I have this love-hate relationship with this type of events...
The Coca-Cola interactive stand
The Love - it comes from the very awesome idea to bring in one place all the potential recruiters from all the companies, with all their job openings and opportunities for internship, and allowing people to ask openly questions about the work/company/benefits and apply for a new job.  It comes from the idea that youngsters and older people alike are allowed freely in a market place of jobs where they can look around and see what the market has to offer and in what domain they could centralise their power and will to learn more. Did I also mention the entrance is always free? ;)
The Hate - it comes from the human nature that has its flaws... not everyone is responsible enough or thinks of how things work in this world. There may be a few - or maybe more, in this last fair I have been... - that come to see only the things that they can get for free... and that is saddening.  I did not see this so clear the other times but during the Absolvent Talent Day this year I just wanted to shout out (maybe even box the ears of some....).
The Goodies of my company :)
You know how companies, at fairs, bring gadgets that they can handout (notebooks, pencils, pens, brooches, pins, umbrellas, tote bags... with the company logo)... well there are people whom, I believe, come in to the fair just for that! We were talking to people about the company, I turned the back to the desk, and poof... the whole cup (mug) filled with pencils disappeared.  Cup included! And I actually saw this happening on more than one stand... people just grabbing things away and not caring about the fair itself...
What is the purpose of having a career fair only for people to come and grab the free things? Maybe this could be avoided by having a 10 zloty entrance fee. In that way everyone who is truly and genuinely interested would pay and come in. On the other hand... if they pay 10 zloty would they not be even more interested to see "what they can get out of it" and then drag the whole stands apart?
The catering was much better this edition ;)
I am confused over the way the mind of some people works... why would you need 100 pens... what will you do with them? Does grabbing them qualify as stealing if they were actually setup for the audience... I love Career Fairs, don't get me wrong! I take pictures until my arm hurts & I speak about the company from 10 to 5 until my throat is in pins... but why is human nature failing us... why can we not act responsible? What is your opinion on this? Have you ever been to a career fair? Did you see this behaviour as well? Tell me your thoughts on this...

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug that loves to volunteer

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