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Friday, 18 December 2015

Kraków - Bunkier Cafe - Desserts Time

My dearest friends,

How cool is to have a Cafe with plastic walls, open each season, right next to a green area - the green lungs of the city? Well Bunkier Cafe is just that. Located just a stone throw away from the Main Market Square, right on the corner of the Plac Szcepanski - Bunkier Sztuki Art House, this bohemian place will always welcome you with open arms. You may remember telling you about the yummy and healthy homemade smoothies or the delicious and filling English breakfast. This time I will tell you more about the caloric bombs: the Bunkier Cafe sweets ;) 
Bunkier Cafe is very popular in Kraków for having a beer and hanging out with friends, bit also for having a light read while having your breakfast. Looking from the outside, at first, I thought it was just a big box room, long and with all walls made out of glass... correct that and come closer: it's plastic! During the summer and early autumn the walls in front are taken off and the Cafe has full ans unrestricted view over the Planty area. The chairs and tables are odd and there are few of the same model. The tables are covered with handmade covers (like the ones my Granny makes, and this makes me smile and feel like home...). The room is split in 2 by a wall - smokers (the first room) and non - smokers (the second one). 
The Bunkier Cafe is open daily from 9 am and you can get a menu in Polish or English. You can even buy cigarette in here, in case you are low.  But I usually don't get on the 2nd room - smokers. This time I had to go as I was with my awesome husband and with a dear friend - and they are both smokers :( so I passively smoked as well... we were on our way to the World Press Photo 2015 exhibition (held always by the Bunkier Sztuki in the month on November - this year it was in Kraków until December 2nd). We had around one hour free for a sweet breakfast so I proposed Charlotte... but it was full (as usual) so I said we should try Bunkier Cafe. It was full as well but there were some empty spots in the smokers area (that also filled up quite quick!). 
We had a small disagreement about what to pick, due to all the goodies on the menu, but we finally agreed - my other half and I - to split a portion of pancakes  (as it was written down as "3 pancakes" per portion) and chocolate cake. We started off with the chocolate cake, which was extremely sweet (most definitely NOT for people with diabetes!) and the public thing I liked about it was the nice sour cherries on top. Not even Marek liked it - and he is a fan of sweets, like no other person I have seen! He loves chocolate with all his might! He even said it was too sweet! So we both agree we would not recommend it, unless you wish to get super hyper... it was good, it was homemade, but it was too much... 
On the other hand, we both adored the pancakes! And we would have been smarter if we would have got 2 portions of pancakes instead! The pancakes can of course be shared for 2, but if you really like them and you are hungry.... better take 2! They are really good. Well done, fluffy, American style, with some kind of warm honey syrup, pieces of plums and pears... with a little bit of white sugar puff on top... Only thinking of it makes me wanna go there again for some more :) Marek had half of it with his Big Black Coffee (dark, no sugar) and I had a latte with honey and cinnamon (that was not very sweet, but rather smooth and foamy - and I really enjoyed it!). The service was fast and the lady was nice, the sweets were finger-licking good  (minus the very sweet chocolate cake...). Even my dear friend said he will come again there ;) mission accomplished!

- pancakes (in Polish language: nalesniki) with seasonal fruits = 13 zloty
- chocolate cake = 10 zloty
- latte with honey and cinnamon = 11 zloty
- big black coffee = 7 zloty (and it's really big)

*I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love! Prices given were valid in late November 2015 - FYI the prices have not changed much since I first arrived to Poland, 4 years ago, so don't get frightened it will change much ;) **

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That (Ocasionally) Loves Sweets