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Monday, 21 December 2015

Krynica Zdroj - Willa Witoldowka - The Coffee Shop

Dearest friends,

Each time we go home, to Romania, by car, we always pass a lovely little mountain city called Krynica Zdroj. During wintertime it is always most lovely decorated with Christmas lights and everyone told me it is a lovely place to visit for a day or 2 if one has time to rest. I have been in Poland for more than 4 years now and all I managed was to pass through it more than a dozen times. To my great satisfaction though, this end of November we managed to have a short trip with our friends there :) 
Krynica (or Krynica Zdroj) is a town in the Malopolskie voivodship  (just like Kraków) and it is located in the Nowy Sacz county. It is no more than a 20 minute car drive from Nowy Sacz, to be fair ;) Apparently it is the biggest Spa Town/City in Poland and it also holds the title of "Pearl of Polish Spa's". When I was hearing about it I could resemble this place with only 2 other locations: one that I have only read and watched documentaries about - Bath, in Great Britain - or one that I have visited since I was a wee lass - Borsec, in Romania. Somehow Krynica has a bit of both...
I have heard (I can really believe that after exploring the sites) that the most crowded times here are during summertime and when winter brings it's white covers and makes Krynica look magical. We came there when it was cold and not a lot of people were out and about. We enjoyed a glass of fresh water at the local pumps, tasted some oscypek with bacon on the grill (one of the best I ever ate!) & then we agreed we needed to warm up somehow. Our friends suggested a place but it was filled up to the brim so we went with the second best option: Kawiarnia Witoldowka - located on Bulwary Dietla 10, 33-380 Krynica-Zdrój.
- apple pie with whipped cream and icecream + Americano coffee = 12 zloty
- cheesecake + Americano coffee = 12 zloty
- hot chocolate = 8 zloty
- hot chocolate with rum / sour cherry vodka = 12 zloty
- mulled wine = 7 zloty
I am sorry for this, but I cannot remember how much the apple pie was separately, not how much was the tea or the yummy banana-chocolate mousse that Marek had. It was definitely not more than the prices above, and you have to excuse me for forgetting to take a picture of the menu.
The place is actually 2 storey villa + attic that I believe it is available as well to rent. The location is as central as it gets, very close to the watering places, and with a nice view of the mountain.  When I was trying to find any reviews or data online about this place all I could find was about the villa... and that had quite a good review - all in Polish of course - so if you wanna stay there for a day, I think it would be a good spot.

I had tea and szarlotka (= Polish name for the apple pie) with whipped cream and vanilla icecream. Now I am not a fan of icecream so Marek ate that, but I can tell you that even though the whipped cream was NOT homemade but rather straight from the tube, the apple pie was DE-LI-CIOUS! I loved the combination of chopped apples with the cinnamon - some people don't put enough cinnamon but this one was great! The tea was regular, nothing fancy about that. Marek had a treat that really looked yummy and apparently we need to go there again so he can have some more of it ;)) he had a banana-chocolate mousse in a very small espresso cup, split in 2. It really looked smooth and we'll done so I may try that as well next time :)

How about you, lovely pumpkins? Have you ever been to Nowy Sacz or to Krynica Zdroj? Are you planning to do that soon? Do you need any help with tips and tricks? :)  also... how are the preparations coming along for Christmas? Just a little more to go...

* I was not repayed in any way for this post and all the opinions are my very own, straight from the heart! *

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug