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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

I Love Trains In Poland

Dearest friends,

I live in Kraków for almost 5 years now and I must admit I can see huge changes in public transport, and especially in the railway system, since I first came here in 2011. I remember how I always wanted to go more often to Warsaw but that was always an issue as by bus the ride would take more than 5 hours - less than the train ride, back in 2011! Now (even in 2015!) I would rather take the train to Warsaw - the direct line from Krakow Glowny (Kraków Central Station) to Warsawa Centralna (smack downtown, next to the Palace of Culture and Science) takes you there in less than 2:30 minutes! Take another example, when I first came to Poland, the connection between the International Balice Airport and the city centre were quite... a pain! There was a shuttle bus taking you from the 2 terminals, to the train platform that was quite a bit further away. There you would wait for the train to Krakow Glowny - at least 15 min. The train ticket back then was over 20 zloty and the ride was about 30 min. Now, the terminal has a passage way leading to the tracks where trains come and the ride is 18 minutes for 8 zloty. Changes! I love when they look like that! Did I mention about the free WiFi or how brand new the trains are?! ;) now you know!
Photo from external soure - sorry, all the time it's too crowded to take a decent photo :(
The railway system in Kraków and the whole Malopolskie voivodship is under a huge revolution, and I quite enjoy having a look on how Poland moves forward, roughing standard like in Germany and even Austria. I think, if you came here before 2011 and you would come to the Kraków Glowny now, you would be surprised (pleasantly!) about the changes. The most important and obvious change you will see is the way the Main Train Station looks like. It has moved from its former old building - now used for fairs and expos - to the underground of Galeria Krakowska - making the life easier for thousands of railway users. It is one of the mot's modern transportation hubs in Poland! Also, the last years there has been a lot of modenization work on the Balice Station (airport) but also Kraków Lobzow. The business plan for the next year shows a growing concern into how they can make the user's life better, by brining them good connections for Wieliczka, Tarnow and for the thousand of people working in Tymbark and needing daily transport at all hours. I, for one, wish only one more thing - and that's related to the Kraków Glowny - Kraków Business Park track: more frequent trains :) Right now the station has 2 platforms, an underground walkway and 48 regional trains + 12 long distance per day. Sad part is that after 5 pm there is only one train per hour and if you don't have a car KBP is quite an issue to get out of...
Photo from external soure - sorry, all the time it's too crowded to take a decent photo :(
How about you? Do you love your train system back home or where you live now? Have you ever been in Poland - if you have, have you ever experienced the brand new fleet of trains that Poland bought? What was your customer experience? Would love to hear your stories - I shared mine ;)

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug that loves Polish trains

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