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Monday, 15 February 2016

The Krakow Business Magazine Honour

Dearest hearts,

I know I have not mentioned much about where I work and what I do, as in my day-to-day job, but I did not think that would be a topic that would relate that much to the purpose of this blog. I try to make a difference and split work and home/fun related topics. Plus, I don't think you would be interested about life in a corporation or how a bank works... I am sure you have plenty of that in your life. Let's face it, nowdays everyone had at least one job in a corporation; and pretty much every corporation works more or less in the same way - same patterns. But I do wish to tell you about WHERE I work: I work in Zabierzow, at the outskirts of Kraków, at the Kraków Business Park. The Kraków Business Park - also known as KBP - is a mere 5-10 minute drive from the Balice Airport and 20-30 minutes by train from the Dworzec Glowny. The KBP is comprised of 5 blocks of building, 4 storey high, that host several corporations. Last year, the management of KBP launches their new "news" site and a brand new magazine "KBP Magazine" - which I found was a lovely idea to get in touch with the people working in KBP. Last fall, in the first edition of this magazine, the team hosted a contest for bloggers in Kraków, working in KBP - of course I just had to try out and see if I could make it :)
Read the full article inside the KBP Magazine Nb. 2
That is precisely how I got to be in the KBP Magazine Nb. 2, along with another fellow blogger - funny enough, we both work in the same corporation yet I never bumped into her, nor her blog. We both won the competition and our blogs were presented in the fresh edition that came out late December. It was a pleasure holding the paperback magazine in my hands and seeing my picture and my story related to the KBP readers. I love how the KBP Magazine was created, having in mind that the KBP offices hired many expats - the magazine is bilingual and all articles are translated from Polish to English. To tell you the truth, I have seen some corporate magazines all in Polish, disregarding the fact that Polish is one of the top 3 hardest languages in the world & the fact that inside corporations you have more and more expats working, that do not know even a line in Polish! I love how KBP Magazine thought about the audience and managed to do a great job ;) Way to go! That is also how I got to see the contest and that is why I have it a go! You can gain more by thinking about others than just about yourself ;) 
The KBP Magazine can be found under the Newsroom: KBP
I also love the KBP Magazine editor that was in touch with me when I found out that I was about to be featured. I love the fact that she did not actually want a typical interview, she wanted to present our blogs - through our eyes - by reading our articles and making herself a fair review as a first time reader. I really liked her approach as it sounded very fair to the audience. Typically, in interviews, we tend to overtone the answers and we are not 100% true to ourselves. I liked how she actually took the time into reading several articles and then presenting us through her eyes. I also loved the fact that before she published the article she showed us the text - I did not make any changes on mine but I liked the idea of being asked before my name would come out on print ;) it's a safe feeling and it was professional of the KBP Magazine to do so. Of course, appearing in the KBP Magazine was a prize in itself for me, so I was very pleasantly surprised and impressed when I was called in January to pick up my "physical" present. Now that was a treat! But I will tell you about it another day ;) now I leave you with KBP Magazine Nb. 2 to read what they wrote about The Twisted Red LadyBug ;) let me know what you think, once you are done. I would also love to hear if your ever been featured in a printed magazine. I was so proud! :)

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves To Write :)

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