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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

10 Tips About Finding Your Dream

Dearest honey buns,

There are many things in life that nobody will ever tell you or teach you about, you will learn them as you go, you will figure them out on your own or even sometimes someone may be even kind enough to suggest those things or tell you something about it. But it may not be at the right time, at the right moment, and the words will come passing through your ears: one ear being the point of entrance and the other one the exit point. It happens! A lot of good advices may get lost like that... for sure my awesome Mum and Granny gave me a bunch but I rather preferred to do things as Frank Sinatra put it... "my way" and hit my head on the ceiling and develop bumps. I guess everyone has a different learning path/curve. The important things though is to learn and develop yourself rather than multiple bumps ;) 
Today I wanted to share with you my feelings about "finding your dream". Everyone speaks of it with great interest and everyone has some kind of dream that they look up to and try to achieve. The problem with "finding you dream", I believe, that it is actually a constant search... a utopia and a point that we continue chasing throughout our life's, very few truly achieving it: due to high expectations or the fact that we can no longer see that we actually achieved the dream, which in fact may not be the dream we had in mind at first. So... here we go:
1. People will judge you, no matter what you do or think or say. There will always be someone out there who will diminish what you say, call you a liar, make fun of your dream and throw it in the dust. Don't worry about them and forget them! They are only there to hard you, so surround yourself with people that have a positive can do attitude. Remember: Apple was a business built by a teenager in a garage! If Steve Jobs could do it, surely you can ;) I also like to take the example of the Polish bloggers Patryk & Karolina, who quit their jobs and now they travel the world, follow their dream and write about it in their blog - way to go! :)
2. If your dream will be the same as the dream of many others it will be harder to achieve and you should expect a tough road ahead. Your dream may start small... like being top of the class in university and I bet there will be others reaching for that, so you will struggle and you will learn to prioritise the things in your life.
3. Your dream will change throughout your life and may develop into a Bucket List. That's completely ok and normal to have more than one goal and one dream in you life. Human beings are complex and they multiple fields that they love at the same time. It will be normal to have a dream about the family you want, the job that you wish for, the dream house that you wanna live in. Go for it! Sky is the limit... or not quite...
4. Some dreams may fail. Buckle up and accept that. The sooner you accept failure as a part of life, the sooner you will learn more and take a step forward. Learning through mistakes is normal and changing the settings of your dream may come as a benefit to you ;) take my example: I said that I would remain in Poland for 6 months, build some international experience, and then move on to UK (a country I still love!). Guess what? I met the man of my dreams, fell in love, got married and now I am living in Poland for over 5 years. I changed my dream and I was happy to do so for pursuing another dream - the one about love and family.
5. Dreams take time, patience and dedication. You know... Rome was not build in a day and miracles don't happen at every corner so you will have to understand that time is the key word here... you have to understand that you need to work for your dream and that dreams just don't fall out of the sky. Everyone who is someone and achieved something worked really hard for it!
6. Focus on what you love, what you are good at! If you love what you are doing than what you are doing won't feel like working. It will be fun and entertaining and you won't dread waking up in the morning. I think about that when I think about my dream job. I live to write and I love to take pictures so this blog is one of my dreams. The dream come true would be living out of my writing and this blog... but I know that's a long way to go and I realise I still have loads of things to learn and focus on, especially that point 5 above ;) my problem = patience :)
7. Dreams need plans. You need to have a plan A, B, C... what will happen in this or that case, what you want to achieve, when you think you will achieve it and how you will do it. Of course you can also just go with the flow... but that may lead you to dead ends and frustration and if you don't have patience you may even quit! Take baby steps and make sure you...
8. Keep a positive CAN DO! attitude about your dreams. They are YOUR dreams and they reflect your personality. Don't let the people put you down and kick your dream. Befriend your dream and wake up next to it, fall asleep next to it and work with it - if it is really your dream and your goal. The moment you let doubt in... is the moment you will lose ground.
9. Dreaming takes you out of your comfort zone, and that might hurt ;) be prepared. I say to myself, each time I cross an item from my Bucket List, that there is nothing else that can teach you more than having different experiences and travelling the world. For me travelling is what opens up your eyes and your mind to the world out there... waiting for YOU to discover it! Of course travelling implies getting out of your routine, comfort zone, and leaning more. The same is about having a dream. You have to work for it on order to achieve it, you will have to plan and communicate and network with others and maybe you are just not that social... at first it will be hard and weird and awkward but, as time goes by, trust me! It will get better ;) just have... patience and faith that you can do it!
10. "Dream is a wish our heart makes" and seldom do we listen to our hearts. More and more I have this impression that we turn ourself into machines, into robots, and all we want to have is a stable routine that gets us through our years... we wake up, we go to work, we come home, go to sleep - repeat! We stopped doing things for our heart and soul and when we even think about doing things for them we dismiss them as being too hard to do and not having enough time to do it... Make an experiment: write what you do during the 24 hours of the day, each hour if possible, as detailed as you can. Now take another page and think that you have actually only 20 hours in a day... what would you cut off? And don't cut the sleeping if it's less than 6 hours! Ready? Now do that exercise again with 18 hours. You will see what you can improve and where you are losing time.  Your dream is what your heart wishes for. Try to follow responsibly both the heart and the brain ;)
What about you? Have you found your dream? Are you chasing it? What are your tips on "getting through the day" yet not letting the kite fly away from you? Sharing is caring so let me know your thoughts and feelings on this topic :)

Yours sincerely,
The Twisted Red LadyBug that loves dreams

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