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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

A Summer Treat: The Kraków Water Tram

Dearest hearts,

It seems spring is truly here and when I feel that it is as if summer is just around the corner, I already start thinking of the things that will happen during summertime.  It's inevitable to think of warm sunny days after a long cold winter with winds that chill your bones. But as the temperature rises and we get rid of the layers and layers of clothing (no longer feeling like onions) we think of the things we can do when the weather is perfect: like a trip along the Vistula river in a water tram! I just love water trams and sailing in boats (of any size!), I have absolutely no lake/sea/ocean sickness and for me it's quite a soothing and relaxing experience.
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A thing which you must put on your "Must see / must try in Kraków" list is the water tram ride on the Vistula river. It is usually done in small, open boats that can fit more than 10 but not more than 20 people. The trams have regular timetables and stops and it's a nice way to enjoy the view along the river. Kraków Water Tram starts running in May, when the weather is stable and sunny and we already have hoards of tourists coming in to enjoy the view of the Wawel Castle. This year, it seems, the operator will change and the company Aqua Fun - that was the operator in 2009 when the project started - will handle this public transport. It seems the prices may go up a bit but there will be more stops and there will be a daily ride to the popular Tyniec monastery. 

Here I quote the Cracow.Today article that states:
This year CWT will run more often. The Tyniec route will be possible every day, not only on weekends as it used to be. There will also be more courses in Cracow, between Salvator and Galeria Kazimierz: eight in both directions. What is more, an additional stop near Wawel Castle “Boulevard Czerwieński” will be created. The prices will rise: courses to Tyniec will cost 30 zł (reduced 25 zł) and for city route you will have to pay 10 zł (reduced 8 zł).
I for sure can hardly wait for the month of May, when the Kraków Water Tram starts running again, so I can have another ride. Most probably that is how we will do our first trip together to the Tyniec Monastery. The monastery was founded in 1040 and I have heard only beautiful things about it - not to mention the lovely pictures taken in the summertime. We have it on our list for quite a while and of course there are multiple options to get there: from walking (quite a while), to taking a tram (probably we would have to change 2 or 3?) to the most convenient one, that is the water tram :)
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Have you ever been to Krakow and visited the Tyniec monastery? Have you ever tried the water tram option here in Kraków?  That is a must if the weather is nice :) it's so relaxing... but be careful if you have kids with you as the "trams" are open and if the kids get giddy they might fall overboard into the Vistula river - so keep them close ;) and if you have a pram with you... I would suggest to wait until the baby grows ;) it may be a but uncomfortable to get in/out. But do try it! It's a wonderful chance to see Kraków along the Vistula river at a leisurely pace. 

Yours sincerely,
The Twisted Red LadyBug that loves Water Trams