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Friday, 15 April 2016

Being Interviewed By "Mamaliga de Varsovia"

My dearest hearts,
I wanted to share with you today one piece of news from March - I know I am a bit late, but better late than never! :) plus if you follow me on my Facebook page you already know the news by now. In March I was invited by the Romanian - Moldavian Magazine created/edited/printed in Warsaw, to give an interview about my blog. I knew about the magazine since last year, when they created the first printed edition, but I thought it through and said I would be horrible in writing texts/articles in my own language. I always found it easier to write in English and I think I sound more funny... hence I dropped the idea and life went on... until Olga bumped into me on Facebook and asked me if I would consider giving an interview for the "Mamaliga de Varsovia" 2nd edition. I dunno about you, but I always get an uplifting feeling when someone new discovers my blog and thinks highly of it. 
We do sometimes things for ourselves so we could remember moments and keep family and friends updated but it's so much fun when others join along! You have that warm, fuzzy feeling inside that you did something well. Olga was lovely and charming and I just couldn't say no! I ended giving up the interview and also submitting 2 articles in my own language. It's tough switching from the language you write and speak and think 24/7 (English) to your very own (Romanian) that you use when speaking to your parents... it's odd! And for sure it takes longer to write your articles. Not to mention I had a constant need to put in a word or phrase in English as I thought it would have been more fitting - that's what being an expat is all about... having an expat blog and writing in English only creates a pattern of writing into your brain as well, and it takes a while to get out of it ;)
The cover of the first edition of "Mamaliga de Varsovia"
The blog of the magazine "Mamaliga de Varsovia" was launched in November 2014, by a group of Romanian language speakers living in Warsaw. They have created the very first publication in Romanian language printed in Poland.  The team publishes texts/articles about life in Poland, recipes of traditional food, book reviews and not only! "Mamaliga de Varsovia" is very open to collaborations and if you wish to join them and submit your article you can do so on the email - you can also find here instructions on how the texts should look like (all instructions are in Romanian language, of course!). They are also very careful about the copyrights so if you submit an article with pictures, better make sure they are your own ;) this was no issue for me, but keep an eye open! Now I can hardly wait for May, when Olga told me the printed edition number 2 is coming out! It will be the second Polish magazine printing an article about my blog and the first Romanian one :) needless to say I will buy a few to give it to my parents ;)) Ocasionally it's not a sin to be proud, is it not?! 

Yours truly, 
The Twisted Red LadyBug that got interviewed - again! :) 

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