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Monday, 30 May 2016

5 Things I Don't Want To See In Social Media

Dearest hearts,

I think you heard me (read me, to be more precise) saying dozen of times that "Sharing is caring!" and I truly believe in this saying; but today I want to raise the question of what sharing really is and if we still display sharing/caring or we just think we do... more and more I feel as if we share information/content/facts that just fill up our life and give no meaning and don't help anyone grow. I think that sharing, caring should come from the heart and should be really meant as a positive thing for the people and for the environment. Lately though I can see the act of sharing only as a show-off method, a way to let people "know what you are doing" but in a way that praises you. I also feel that maybe a lot of people out there, bloggers like myself have this tendency of sharing so they could gather more people who read and follow them but without really needing it... 
How much do we really share of our time/money/knowledge during a day, for the people who are truly in need? Do we share things to only certain people who may not even need that information? How are you changing the world to make it a better place by not wasting someone's time/money/energy? And how much do you really care about the info you give to the world? How much is too much information and where do you draw the line? I think everyone has a different view on life and on what one should share or not, but after having your daily dose of social media,  I truly believe that some things are better left unsaid - as they bring absolutely no added value to anyone. Here is what I consider superfluous:
1. Pictures of daily breakfast/lunch/dinner from every single day of ones life - that is just dumb! Why would you want people to know what your stomach goes through on a daily basis?! Why not take a picture of your loo and the "number 2" you produced - it's basically the same information but in a different format! Exception: if you own a blog that reviews food and different restaurants, giving price info and doing a summary of what's good in a place. If not... just don't!
2. Relationship updates and 1000 of the same style of picture: me and my boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancee/wife/husband/my best friend the cat. One is enough - we get it! No need to supersaturate the database with the same picture taken from all sides... a 360 view of you... I bet there are other methods to show the pictures to the ones who care.  That's why Facebook developed privacy options for the albums ;) use them wisely. If not, just message the people who want the pictures, privately. Or use WeTransfer - it always works like charm!
3. Baby pictures - first of all, it's not safe and I have heard a lot of horrific stories about the pictures being taken off and reused for different other (sometimes vulgar) purposes. Don't do that to your child; don't over saturate media with the pictures - a couple once in a while (not daily!) may be doable, but don't push it! Create special albums or share the love by keeping your lovely small one off the Internet (social media) as long as you possibly can! Second: your child will thank you later for not disclosing him all over the media!
4. The pain you are going through at work - don't do that on social media! Social media is not your best friend and you can't cry on his/her/it's shoulder. If you will complain there are high chances your boss (or someone who "loves you" might tip him of...) and you might end up searching for another job sooner than you think ;) writing about it on your blog, hoping that it will pass unseen is like shoveling the dogs poop under the carpet... it will eventually stink and people will notice. The pain should be shared with the ones who care, not the ones who will use it against you ;)
5. Games and copy-paste updates - I don't want to be invited to any games on the social media and I don't want to see updates on how well you did on your Candy Crush, Village Something..., Football match. I play a game as well but each time I make sure I don't post that on my wall, bothering others with it, making them scroll through unnecessary data! I don't wish to see copy-paste statuses of how data has changed (the millionth time!) in Facebook and how we are tracked. I know I am being followed and tracked but I choose what to post! I don't wish to share any piece of weird info and I don't believe I will be unlucky if I don't share it. Neither will you! And stop being so superstitious! Be more open minded and stop sharing things that do not bring any value! How do you care about others if you share pieces of nonsense like that?!

What are your 5 things you no longer wish to see on the social media? What drives you to shout out and block posts of other people? What makes you read a blog or stop reading it? What do you think sharing is all about in the social media? Is it still about caring?! I would love to hear your opinion, your voice... sometimes it just feels like a monologue...

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug that loves to hare social media ;)))

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