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Friday, 6 May 2016

Krakow - Cafe Botanica

Dearest hearts,

One of the first coffee shops opened on Bracka street in Kraków, one of the main streets heading out from the Main Market Square, was the coffee shop - small restaurant - that I will tell you more about today: Cafe Botanica.  It was established in 1997, provides 90 seats, including charming Orangerie. It's a very popular place amongst students and locals, plus it offers multiple opportunities when it comes to the seating options and the menus items. Again, extremely popular here are the toasts and the sandwiches (in Polish language: kanapka) that can be served either cold or warmed up - I recommend the one with chicken/turkey and cranberry sauce ;) but today I will tell you a bit more about the breakfast option.
The view from outside, on the street, and the lovely sweets display from inside
As usual, the breakfast options are served only until 12 so if you are a late riser, a non-morning-person, make sure you check out the Mo-Ja Cafe instead ;) but if you make it by 12 in the mid-day you SHOULD try the breakfast options of Cafe Botanica. They are all great and filling ;) your tummy will be happy! The menu I always took in Polish but I can bet they have an English option as well. The waitresses are extremely nice and have a good command of Polish language to serve those in need - the location of the Cafe Botanica is to blame :p being so dead-center in the Krakow's Main Square. The inside is fantastic, an oasis of green - both real plants, man-made ones made out of different metals and the ones painted upon the walls make a very appealing combination. Each time I have been there, everything that I tried was top notch: from the smoothies and the shakes to the warm sandwiches, to... my personal favourite... the breakfast options for each taste :) If you are in just for a French style breakfast (a croissant and a coffee or a latte) they have that! If you are hungry as a wolf, they have The Breakfast of Champions that will make you smile again ;)
Botanical Breakfast - the scrambled eggs are with bacon and tomatoes
Sniadanie Mistrzow = The Breakfast of Champions (in Polish)
Cafe Botanica holds on TripAdvisor 4 out of the 5 stars possible, with approximately 111 reviews. Marked as #147 out of 1029 restaurants in Krakow. When it comes to the value it brings to its customers, Cafe Botanica scores as high as 4,5 points out of 5 available. Open daily Monday to Thursday between 8:30 am and 11:00 pm, Friday and Saturday between 8:30 am and 12:00 am &Sunday between 9:00 am and 11:00 pm. 
Outside views and the yummy sweets :)
The lovely and quiet inner garden, covered against the outside elements ;)
The prices:
- Sniadanie Mistrzow - The Breakfast of Champions - includes a cup of orange juice + coffee or tea, scrambled eggs with tomatoes and bacon, bread - butter - jam and 2 slices of yellow cheese - 25 zloty
- English Breakfast - 23 zloty
- Italian Breakfast - 25 zloty
- Botanical Omlet - perfectly made scrambled eggs, in the form of a pancake + 2 buns + 2 President butter portions + strawberry jam + coffee or tea - 23 zloty

- Scrambled eggs - 21 zloty
- Breakfast bufet - 25 zloty
- Croissant with cappuccino or latte - 12 zloty
- Salmon tart = 11 zloty per piece
- Vegetarian tart = 11 zloty per piece
- Carrot cake = 8 zloty per piece
- Creme brulee with raspberry = 12 zloty
- Tiramisu = 9,5 zloty
- Red Velvet cake = 9,5 zloty (It always looks amazing!)
Price references are taken in March-April 2016! The prices may slightly change but it always was very affordable to spend time here and the prices on the menu do not change that often ;) 
 Even if you are not a breakfast fan, for sure you should try out this lovely place. Cafe Botanica has indoor seating and if the weather is nice there are small - 2 person tables - outside as well, so you can bask in the sun. For those addicted to social media and that cannot let their Facebook / Instagram / Twitter go, they need not worry as there is stable and strong WiFi signal inside ;) just search for the Cafe Botanica open network. Have you ever tried out this lovely place in Krakow? Are you a regular there ;) let me know of your experience and your feedback - I am all ears!

Yours sincerly,
The LadyBug That Loves To Try Out New Breakfast Places :)