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Saturday, 11 June 2016

The Miracle Of Life: We're Expecting!

My dearest hearts,
My dear friends/readers,

I wanted to share this piece of news for quite a while now... but it always seemed rather intimate and personal and somehow I was not sure if I should shout it out loud yet. I know most of you read this blog because you wish to know more about Poland and especially about Krakow, maybe sometimes you get here due to articles I wrote about movies or about travelling. You would not expect this to be a mummy blog and don't worry it won't transform into that ;) I just wanted to let you know that the owner of this blog, The Twisted Red LadyBug and it's better half will increase the number of family members. Yes, you got that right: we're expecting! :)
Photo by Bellove Moments
It is said that there is no greater joy in a women's life than to be a mother. I don't wish to offend anyone or cause any pain but I must admit that I will always think that each person should choose their own path, their own way, and not listen to all the sayings of the world. Some women are born to be married and some not, dome to have children some not, some have children and are not married, some adopt children on their own. I believe that it is everyone's right to hold to their own path and their own story. Not everyone is the same and I believe that is the beauty of life. 

Ever since we made it public ("If it ain't on Facebook, it ain't real/happening!") I had more and more people telling me stories and giving us advices... it's a thing that people usually do when they think they know something ;)  they give advices without even asking you if you need or want one. Be prepared for that... everyone will have a horror story to share and everyone will tell you about their pains. You will instantly know that the labor pain will be as if more than 20 bones will simultaneously be broken in your body - it's true you can live without this piece of info... but you know, sharing is caring ;) 
Picture taken by Natalia, who is an amateur photographer
I love being 1+1=3 now :) it is a wonderful and yet scary and daunting feeling that you have someone growing inside of you, hearing what you hear... feeling what you feel... you are no longer yourself but you are 2 persons in one. Some days it will be hard and tiring and hormones kick in but some days it can be all raindrops and roses and whiskers on kittens. I can hardly wait until the moment when we will hold her/him in our arms and we will take her home. I have no idea what I an doing half of the time :) but I try to be as logical and careful as I can be. I pray to God that he/she will be a blessing to us and we will be a blessing for him/her in return. We are now in the 3rd trimester and I know time flies by... so... I just wanted to let you know ;) in case you sometimes wonder why I am not as active as one could be on a blog... it's called prioritising ;) but I will always be here for you, in case you have any questions about a trip to Poland/Kraków :) 

P.S. A Great shoutout and thank you goes to Izabella Garbarz from Bellove Moments for the lovely pictures she takes of me on a monthly basis, so we can see how the baby tummy grows, and for Palasz Paulina and her wicked makeup skills :) A big hug also goes to my dear friend from Ukraine, Natalia, who is an amateur photographer and took the pictures of me at the Wawel Castle (with the baby bump) so I can tell you about our pride and joy!

Yours very sincerly, 
The Twisted Red LadyBug + one lovely baby growing 

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