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Friday, 8 July 2016

Interview: A Couple That Lives Their Dream

Dearest hearts,

I just love the blogging world! I am fascinated to find how some people manage to find their dreams, work towards achieving them and actually live in their dreams for as long as they choose to. You may remember me ranting about 10 tips on finding your dreams, but what I want to show you today is the fact that chasing your dream will lead you into living it! I found Karolina and Patryk on the blogosphere a year or so ago and since then I follow them avidly - they always go somewhere new and see new places from their very own Bucket List. They own a clear, clean and easy to read blog: Karolina and Patryk - and they proudly title themselves "Online entrepreneurs, digital nomads and happy people :)" and I truly believe they are! They aspire to live the dream and wish to tell others as well about how they do it, in order for the world to join them in their movement. They had one dream: travelling! And guess what?! They have been doing that since 2013 - 3 years and running! I was glad to have them drop by my blog and share a bit of their knowledge and adventurous spirit. They are both from Poland - "made in Poland" - and have a very healthy attitude about life. Hear them out and don't forget to check their blog and their Facebook page ;)
1) Where you are from and why have you started travelling?
We are both native Poles. We've been born and raised in different towns in Poland. We met 5 years ago in Krakow and decided to travel the world together! For the first two years these were only small travels. In 2014 we became full-time travellers.

2) What countries have you been to?
Should we mention them all? OK, so: United Kingdom, Italy, Vatican city, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Ukraine, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Greece, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Dominican Republic, USA, Canada, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates and China.

3) What countries are next on your list?
Today (23rd of June 2016) we are coming back from our 6-months trip to South East Asia. We will spend a month in Poland and then we are going to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

4) What do you think are the top 5 things you should pack with you to any travel?
Money, documents, laptop, camera, mobile phone and tripod. We can't imagine traveling with our these things!
5) What are the top 5 things you have learned from travelling?
First of all- people are the same all over the world. We all love, laugh and worry. Secondly- it's OK to ask for the help when you need it. Thirdly- when you travel, you should always assume that something may go wrong and you may be late. Fourthly- it's good to keep money in different places, in something you will get robed or lose your credit card. Last but not least- life is short, so nobody should wait to make his dream come true! We have talked with so many people on the road, who said that they want a life like us but they are too busy to start. They were wrong. If you don't act now, it may be too late for this in the future.

6) Do you plan on stopping or slowing things in order to settle down somewhere?
Definitely not. At least not now! Maybe after we will visit every country in the world, we will think about settling down. But now, it's too early for that.

7) Where would you like to settle down, what country?
If we REALLY had to make this choice, we would pick some country in Asia. Thailand or Singapore maybe?
8) What do you think Poland has to offer for travellers, different than any other country?
Poland has a lot to offer! We really think it's one of the best countries in Europe and we are sorry that it is so underrated. Poland has beautiful and unspoilt nature, amazing architecture, delicious food, friendly people and low prices. What more can you expect from the perfect tourist destination? ;)

9) What are the top 5 cities to visit in Poland?
Krakow and Gdansk are our favourites. We also like Torun, Wroclaw and Zakopane.

10) What are the top 5 places to visit in Krakow?
Wawel castle, Kazimierz, Rynek, Ogrod Doswiadczen and The Ballon at Vistula river.

11) What do you like about Krakow and what do you dislike?
We have been living in Krakow for 2 years. Traffic jam and polluted air are something we hated. The thing we love about Krakow is the amazing atmosphere of this city. It is so vibrant and charming! We keep coming back there at least 3 times a year.

If you wish to read more about amazing Karolina and Patryk's travels make sure you check their blog and their Facebook page ;) They are totally worth your time, and who knows?! they may inspire you to let things go and enter the adventure of your lifetime. Everything is possible if your work towards your dream and you don't let it go! Let your heart lead the way and... good luck! :)

Yours sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug that follows/reads Karolina and Patryk :)

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