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Monday, 11 July 2016

Krakow - Magia Cafe - The Sandwiches

Dearest hearts,

This isn't the first time (and probably not the last) I am writing about this magical hidden gem of Krakow: Magia Cafe. This lovely spot is located a stone throw away from the Main Market Square, on the side of the St. Mary Church (Kosciol Mariacki). To get inside one must pass the old, wooden great gate and get into the hallway shared with a homemade goodies (toys and clothes and knick knacks) store, the Hippolitow Museum (part of the National Museum of Kraków). The Magia Cafe has a room, as you enter the hallway, to your right side - holding one large table that could hold up to even 8 persons + 2 smaller 4 person tables - and the main entrance is right at your front,  as you take the small flight of 3-4 stairs. Sometimes it even has seating options outside, in the street, on the side of the church (depending on the weather).
The biggest downside to Magia Cafe is the fact that the cafe does not hold its own private bathroom. The bathroom you need to use is on the main hallway and has only one toilet space/seat, used by both women and man, so things may get a bit awkward... The second biggest downside to Magia Cafe is the lack of network coverage (aka your cell phone will not work) in the downstairs, cellar area of the establishment. But on the other hand Magia Cafe has quite a lot of positive points that make you come back again and again and again. It's a place I have been visiting for 5 years now and it's on top of the places I enjoy to revisit. The menu is well built and never changes: A4 page both sides - and it comes in English and Polish language as well. There is always good / decent music at a level that one could hear it's partner, there are multiple seating options and even intimate spaces for 2. The food is decent and the hot drinks (mulled wine and hot chocolate) are delicious. Nice place to hang out with friends ;) in a relaxing environment.
The prices:
- the mint lemonade = 6 zloty per tall glass
- the sandwiches with salami and traditional mountain cheese (named oscypek) = 9 zloty
- veggie tart = 10,5 zloty
Tips and tricks: During wintertime and the cold months I really recommend you the hot chocolate with raspberry sauce - it's yummy and filling, well done and creamy. You can also give the mulled wine a go ;) During summertime I recommend you some lemonade (decent and refreshing) or a smoothie (the one with banana and Nutella is quite a hit!). You can pay both by cash and credit and if you like it, and wish to visit it during weekends, you may need to make a reservation - it gets crowded with locals (students usually...). I also recommend this place as a snack place, a place to grab a bite to quench your tummy's needs. I was pleasantly surprised this time by the sandwiches option. I never tried it before and I was not sure what to expect but for 9 zloty I got my tummy full with a good portion of 4 triangles of toasted bread with salami and traditional mountain cheese (oscypek) + the fresh salad on the side. The sauce did not look like my type, so I ditched it ;) 
The salami sandwiches with Polish traditional cheese
How about you lovely people? Have you ever been in Kraków at Magia Cafe? Are you planning to visit Kraków soon? Make sure this place is on your list ;) for a short caloric bomb break or just for a quick snack - here are my other 2 short posts about it: about the onion soup and the mulled wine & the one about the amazing hot chocolate with whipped cream and raspberry sauce. Would love to hear it from you :)

** This post was made out of love for good food and great places to hang out with friends. I was not repayed in any way and all the opinions are my very own, straight from the heart! **

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug that enjoys the Magia Cafe