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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Krakow - Good Lood - Great Homemade Icecream

Dear sweethearts,

Who's up for a treat today? I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream - especially in the summertime when the weather is fine. It's a easy way to let down the heat and refresh yourself. This year Kraków has seen Good Lood open its doors in Plac Wolnica, in Kazimierz. It happened once the summer season started and this place grew up more and more, becoming very familiar to the locals and tourists alike. There is currently only one Good Lood open but I wish this place would expand but keep its original recipes. One of my Romanian expat friends living in Krakow brought Good Lood to my attention somewhere in May and since then I wanted to tell you about it. You may have seen posts about it on my Facebook page or on Instagram, but Good Lood deserves some time on the blog as well ;)
Good Lood is located on Plac Wolnica and you may easily pass by it if it would not generate such huge lines in the weekend ;))) during the week, normal hours, it's easier to get your treat without having to wait. Good Lood has a few sun - bathing chairs outside with the company logo, all purple. Inside there is a small room, with a tiny table and seating by the wall for 2-3 people. Besides that everything is quite spartan: white walls and just the serving space & table above with the prices and the sortiments running at that time.
The Good Lood sortiments of icecream can change every hour according to what the people consume. There is always some type of fruit sortiments and cocoa one so everyone gets a pick of something they like. They also have weird, Good Lood typical flavours, like salted toffee... The icecream is produced right there, in the kitchen in the back, and it is done from a homemade receipe with fresh pieces of fruits and fresh local ingredients from the local market. That's why it all tastes so heavenly!
In Good Lood you can pay both by cash and by credit card, they also have the PayPass option. You can buy icecream in a cone or in a plastic - hard carton recipient.  Of you like it a lot, like we did, you can even buy 1 litre/kilo boxes of the flavour that you are into. Just make sure you get it in time, before the flavour finishes... as it may take some hours before they produce a new batch again ;) just FYI - they don't have the same flavours all the time! The prices: it all depends on the amount of scoops and it gets better if you get more - 4 zloty per one scoop, 7 zloty for 2 scoops and 10 zloty for 3 scoops. Trust me... Even if you are very hungry and very hot you won't be able to finish 3 scoops... 2 is a perfect treat! Plus the scoops here are huge! They give you icecream like they mean it, like it's the last time and first time you will ever have it! And I love that, I love how proud the team is of their product!
People in Kraków might have said until now that the best homemade icecream that there is in Kraków is on Starowislna. Not anymore! Not since Good Lood came into town and took over the number one place in the locals heart. Check out their colorful Facebook page and check out all those 5 stars votes - over 350 and counting! And no one has a bad word about it ;) and the fact that locals love it says a lot! Just try it out! You will surely love it as well!

Yours sincerely,
The Twisted Red LadyBug that loves homemade goodies

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