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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Krakow - Mo-Ja Cafe - The Pancakes

Dearest hearts,

You might remember me telling you about a place in Kraków where they serve breakfast at any hour, you may even remember my post about the best 7 places to have breakfast in the Old Town. If you do, then for sure it won't come as a surprise the name Mo-Ja Cafe :) Mo-Ja Cafe is located on Starowislna 14, Kazimierz region (Jewish district), very close to the city center (less than 10 min brisk walk) and with a lot of tram stops in the area. Mo-Ja Cafe serves breakfast ALL DAY! Yes, you read that right and you can also read that on their menu and on their Facebook page ;) warm eggs daily! And at any hour of the day! Heaven!
Yum yummy Mo-Ja Cafe Pancakes
Close-up on the fresh American Style pancakes :)
This place is just adorable and so cozy you just wanna come back to it again and again. This time I came for some late breakfast (after 1 pm ;) as breakfast is always good, at any hour!) for some fried eggs with bacon. The usual portion  is of 2 eggs with bacon so I asked for the 3rd egg added - for each extra egg you pay only 1 zloty extra. The eggs are yummy and free range and you can get extra ones as many as you would wish - 1 egg = 1 zloty, perfect for when you are very hungry (and/or pregnant). It comes on the same big plate with a small but tasty salad & toast with butter. I always like to pair it up with some John Lemon lemonade - Polish product - if possible the "pigwa" (= quince) version as it is soft and smooth, not sparkly. Due to the last review the pretty and very nice owner of Mo-Ja Cafe invited me to the complimentary pancake - who can say no to that?!
Fresh pancakes with John Lemon lemonade on ice :)
I was wondering how the pancakes would look like, what style they would be: more European or more USA style? I always loved the USA fluffy style better ;) and they ended up to be just like that! I was asked what version I would like: fruits or jam and I went for the fruits version - the light one, healthy for the baby ;) and it was a treat! They smelled so good, that for a long while I was just sitting and enjoying the fresh smell of pancakes. They did not have any whipped cream over it - which was perfect as many do that and over burden the already good pancakes. But the plate was filled with 5 small sized fluffy pancakes that were well done, not burned. Over it there were thin slices of apple, squares of yellow melon, slices of banana and a handful of blueberries. The pancakes were hot so the banana and melon were melting a bit and adding their juices nicely to the pancakes - it was a real treat! ;) 
Fried eggs with bacon by Mo-Ja Cafe
I must say that Mo-Ja Cafe surprises me each time with a more and more fresh view. Their Facebook page and Instagram account is very active - also due to the lively owner who loves and understands that social media is a friend for the coffee shop. I love their open mindedness and their view over life. I love that they understand that breakfasts should not have barriers and that if I want a breakfast at 4 pm I can have one! I love how they listen to their customers and how they change the place in order to fit it's customers better. The are is a very artistic one... so the latest thing in Mo-Ja Cafe is the fact that they hang pictures/paintings made by local artists - paintings that you can also buy ;) I love how they support and encourage the local community. Kudos for Mo-Ja Cafe! I can hardly wait to see what their next move will be and for sure I will come again for another breakfast & some of those yummy, filling and natural ingredients based pancakes - so should you! Put it on your #bucketlist for Kraków! Trust me, you won't regret it!

The prices:
- fried eggs with bacon (2 eggs) + bread, butter and salad = 13 zloty
- pancakes with seasonal fruits / maple syrup = 13 zloty
- John Lemon lemonade = 9 zloty
P.S. All pictures were taken with the Samsung Galaxy S4 camera, a present from my awesome hubby.

** This post was made out of love for Polish places to eat good breakfast. I was not repayed in any way and all the opinions are my very own, straight from the heart! ** 

Yours sincerely,
The Twisted Red LadyBug that loves Mo-Ja Cafe Breakfast & pancakes options

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