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Friday, 19 August 2016

Krakow - Niebieskie Migdaly - Yummy & Natural

Dearest friends,

Each day is a brand new day to discover new things, new places and make friends. Each day is a good day to try something new, to widen your horizon. If you are in Kraków or you are planning to come to Kraków and you need a place to rest for a while a grab a snack or eat a good breakfast in the Old Town, make sure you try out this place I am presenting you today: Niebieskie Migdaly. Niebieskie Migdaly is a lovely cafe / snacks and breakfast shop, that opened its doors this year in the spring time. I have been there so many times and tried so many things that I already have an "old customer" card that grants me a 10% discount for everything I get ;) that's how much I love this place! I thought it would be a one time thing, it looked posh and with the "nose up" attitude but I fell in love with it! And I ended up bringing my friends there ;)))
Niebieskie Migdaly is located on Plac Wszystkich Świętych 11, very close to the Grodzka street, just a few steps away from the Main Market Square. It's a perfect place to start the day with some breakfast or have a snack or a light lunch with the soup of the day and the delicious panini that they prepare. Of course you can serve it there, fresh from the oven, or you can choose to have it packed and take it with you - to go. They serve all options ;) You can also pay by cash or by credit card and leave the tip in the jar dedicated for that. It's a self service place, so you need to place the order ar the counter, take the number and then choose the spot where you will wait for your food/treat. It usually does not take longer than 5-10 min according to what you are serving and how long it takes to prepare it - it will take longer for the scrambled eggs than for the panini sandwiches ;) and that's perfectly normal! The food will be brought to you at the table, by the waitress, if you choose the staying in option.
Inside view of the Niebieskie Migdaly
The seating options are diverse and very comfortable (most if them) even for pregnant ladies ;) there are a few 2 person tables outside, on the sidewalk, shade provided + tall chairs with high bar next to the window, for the ones who like to watch the passerby people + blue (Niebieskie = color blue, in Polish language) couches with soft blue pillows and regular plastic black chairs. I really love the couches, especially the 2 that are attached to the window, where you can see tourists and locals alike passing by... or just watch the rain fall... lounging comfortably with a soft pillow behind your back, sipping on your shake or lemonade :) Heavenly! I also love the tiles, the floor of Niebieskie Migdaly - white and black in different abstract patterns, matching the bathroom... #ihaveathingwithtiles ... There is only one bathroom/ toilet option both for ladies and gents, located in the last room, in the corner. It has the entrance with the sink, mirror and towel drying option & the entrance to the loo. I have not once seen it dirty! It's always very clean and stocked up with toilet paper, paper towels and blue liquid soap.
The English Breakfast at Niebieskie Migdaly
The menu is straightforward and the shakes/drinks/smoothie options change, in accordance to the fresh fruits that they have that specific day. The menu is placed in Polish on the big blackboard hanging over the cashier region but you can also inspect it slowly by taking one of the printed options by the cash machine. There are a couple of breakfast options of scrambled or fried eggs with different ingredients added to it, there is the soup of the day and there are also some panini (or pretzel) sandwich options that are worth your time ;) drinks vary from freshly squeezed lemonade to shakes and smoothies to coffee options that smell and look great! (Dunno the taste though, as I am not a coffee person and did not try that!). There are also yummy and natural (always with fresh seasonal fruits!) cakes and tarts and whipped cream mouthwatering sweets to choose from... No matter the time of day, you will surely find something to satisfy your thirst, hunger or even mood for sweets!
Yummy cheesecake with raspberry - Niebieskie Migdaly
Everyone I brought here loved the place and said they would come back and bring their partners as well, so I consider it as a mission  accomplished :) I passed the knowledge of a lovely place further on! I really love this place as it has nice service, the ladies serving are always smiling and nice; good food and fresh and yummy shakes/smoothies. I love that they have good and free WiFi connection (password is on the blackboard). I love that they have magazines that you can read and coloring books for adults... it's a relaxing place, with good music and a stress free atmosphere! I love their scrambled eggs with ham and fresh onion tails. I love that they serve it with either toast or pretzel with butter. I love the apple and watermelon shake that is both refreshing and yummy. I love the English Breakfast that they do even if it's not the best in town. I love the sour lemonade... I love Niebieskie Migdaly :) and you probably have seen this on my Instagram account. It's a place you can't help loving - you give it a go and let me know how it went for you!
Scrambled eggs with ham & rucola salad & pretzel with butter - Niebieskie Migdaly
The prices:
- English Breakfast - 19 zloty
- Scrambled eggs with ham and fresh onion tails (toast and butter included) - 15 zloty
- Shakes/smoothies (ingredients depending each day on the fruits they have) - 12 zloty
- Soup of the day - 8 zloty
- Panini/pretzel sandwich options - from 12 to 14 zloty
Seating option with high chairs, by the window - Niebieskie Migdaly
Opening hours:
11:00 - 23:00
08:00 - 23:00
09:00 - 23:00
Facebook page: 4,8 stars out of 5 with over 90 reviews.

Yours sincerely,
The Twisted Red LadyBug that loves Niebieskie Migdaly

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