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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Happy 1 Month Old, Emilia Elena!

Dearest hearts,

This one goes to all the mums and mums to be out there. You heard me ranting about how natural birth is hard but you need to know it's totally worth it. You will always remember the pain - it does not go away that easily from your memory and most probably the first month you will swear to yourself that you won't go through this ordeal again, that one child is enough. But guess what? Seeing your baby for the first time will fill you with such immense joy that you will want to shout out from the rooftops! The first smile will win your heart and each time you will see your baby you will know that you would do anything for him/her. You will love your little bundle of joy more and more even when she cries and does not sleep at night, transforming you into a zombie for the next day. You will be afraid to lift him/her for fear of "not breaking". Our little bundle of joy turned 1 month yesterday - I still get afraid daily for not holding her right, lifting her properly... it's the first child so everything is new both for him/her and for you! You learn a lot in a month together and I must admit whom said that extra help is needed was right.  I had the fortune of having my mum and granny over and that brought us hours of extra sleep/rest that we would not have otherwise. Plus they have the wisdom and knowledge that we can only gain in time.
Magnificent shot of my 2 great loves - done by amazing Iza from Bellove Moments
Dearest LadyBug,

Emilia Elena, Mum and Daddy and Granny and Grandgranny and the Aunties and Uncles love you dearly. We have been blessed with you, a sweet and sometimes noisy angel. We know that you are a strong lady and we know that we have been blessed to receive you, an angel. You are 1 month old and you are loved dearly. I can hardly wait for you to grow up, to speak to us and tell us more easily what are your dreams and wishes. I can hardly wait to take you up for a walk, hand in hand. I will tell you why the sky is blue, why the autumn's smells like apple pie and crushed leaves, why the Wawel Castle has a dragon... I will tell you all the legends of Kraków and I will take you to my homeland, to Romania, and tell you the legends from there as well - including the vampire ones ;) Mum and Daddy love you dearly and you are the apple of our eye. May you be blessed with love and happiness and wisdom and knowledge and strength - may all your wishes come true :* Happy happy happy glorious sunshined birthday for always, sweet LadyBug Baby!

Yours with love,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves Her LadyBug Baby

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