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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Krakow - Krakuski Cafe - The Gofry

Dearest hearts,

Close to the Metropolitan Hotel in the Jewish district of Kraków - Kazimierz - there is a small cafe on the corner of the Starowislna street with Miodowa. The closest tram station to it is Miodowa. It's a cafe you might pass by, but today I will tell you why you shouldn't! Krakuski Cafe is the place to have a break and relax after a day of shopping or visiting the Jewish quarter. It's friendly and reliable service got me all caught up! The people working there are nice and speak perfect English. They love the customer and have a very positive attitude towards everyone that passed through their door. All smiles and helpful they will answer to your questions and help you make a choice - if you are not sure what to pick. From what I can see, Krakuski Cafe specialises in different types of gofry (they are kinda like pancakes). You can choose between sweet versions (with chocolate or fresh fruits), salty (like the one with goat cheese) or specialties (like the one with chicken breast or maybe tuna!).
The cafe is lovely decorated in a modern and simple way, with heavy grey couches and chairs that are very comfortable but also with regular dark plastic ones. Hard or soft, what you prefer you can choose. There are a couple seats also next to the wall, in a bar - like mode, with tall wooden chairs. Tables are low and usually covered with glass. One needs to place the order at the counter, pay and then choose a seating option. The fine ladies and gents serving will bring you the food/drinks you have ordered. But you should bring the trays back once done - next to the wall where the tall stools are ;) it's not a long way and it helps the nice team to keep it all clean. And by God! They do keep a clean environment! The rooms are always clean and the toilet & bathroom area (though it's only one cabin for both sexes) is always squeaky clean! Always with towels and toilet paper and soap and clean overall rooms. I like it when a cafe has a squeaky clean toilet!
Krakuski Cafe has one main room split in 2 parts - lower one with the counter and an area with a big couch and soft chairs + a few steps up you get to the secondary area with different seating and access to the toilet. They also have a small library with books in Polish and in English. People are invited to read as they drink their coffee and leave a book that they have finished. I like this idea very much and I love to see it grow around the world, coffee shops with a literature nook where people can "trade" books. The food is always good at Krakuski Cafe but to tell you the truth I only tested there the natural tea, the citrus lemonade (they also do fruity lemonades as well!) and the salty gofry options (my personal favourite is the one with goat cheese!). Next time I must refrain myself from getting the goat cheese gofry and get something sweet instead.

The prices - for the most updated version, check the online menu:
- lemonade = 7,9 zloty
- gofry with chicken or tuna = 11,90 zloty
- gofry with goat cheese = 13,90 zloty
- classic gofry with whipped cream or chocolate or raspberry sauce = 5,9 zloty
- caramel or chocolate based gofry = 8,9 zloty
Overall we dearly recommend this place and it must be noted that it currently holds the #303 of 1,101 Restaurants in Krakow, according to "my friend" TripAdvisor. It also holds 4.5 stars out of the max of 5 possible and has the "Certificate of Excellence". On their Facebook Page they score an even higher rating: 4.9 out of 5. The Krakuski Cafe is open Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 6 pm & Saturday to Sunday from 8 am to 6 pm, so make sure you note that down ;) and get there to try out their goodies. Let me know what you think of it ;)

Yours sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug that loves to find new places to have a snack (in Kraków and not only!)

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