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Friday, 9 September 2016

Made in Poland: LullaLu - Clothes For Babies

Dearest hearts,

Welcome to the fairytale land of LullaLu! This #madeinpoland company - located in Poznan - creates unique and limited edition baby clothes and matching t-shirts for adults (mummies and daddies) with hand-painted designs and motifs. LullaLu focuses on creativity and inspiration from the world out there... from the environment where children are raised... so each product is original and unique. I have been researching baby clothes for a while now, and I must admit their patterns and quotes for their products are adorable :) 
The team builds their brand with care and the products are high quality. They work with reliable suppliers of material, also #madeinpoland. The suppliers have the necessary certificates and approvals issues by the Textile Research Institute in Lodz, Poland. LullaLu is a young company, fresh on the Polish market, but very aware of the social media and the impact it can have on the sales. Their Facebook page is always up-to-date and their Internet site is well build and reliable. You can buy their products online and even give them a call and see if they could make a product especialy for you, after your wish and idea ;)  they are very nice/open/friendly! 
I have been given a cute baby body to try out and I immediately fell in love with the way the product was posted, packaged and brought to my hands. The package came very fast via the local post office. The small pack was brought to my door in the shape of a big envelope - inside there was a atubular hard package made out of carton, that kept the baby body inside well preserved against any outside forces that it may encounter. When I opened it up it was fresh as a daisy and ready to be worn. But don't do that! As any mummy will tell you, each clothes that the baby wears must be washed (if possible twice!) and ironed before wearing! The body was lovely, 100% cotton, size 56 - perfect for the newborn babies ;) (but if you want it bigger this model comes in size 62 and 68 as well). The LullaLu products are all #madeinpoland and they have the certificate of being safe for children/newborns. As you can tell, I had to wash it up for the first wear and I must admit at the first wash-up I always wonder how the final product will turn out - if letters will fall or fade or if it would shrink. It came out perfect - brand new - no change! So I was very pleasantly impressed by the quality, hence I do recommend LullaLu ;) I am currently considering on buying a package of t-shirts for Mum + Daddy + Child that would match us for the photosession to come ;))) So jump to their  Internet site and have a look at their unique items - let me know what you bought ;)

** This post was made out of love for Polish products - #madeinpoland rules. I was given the body for the baby to review it but all the opinions are my very own, straight from the heart! **

Yours sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves To Discover "Made in Poland" Products

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