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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Travel Tuesday: What To Do In September In Krakow

Dearest travellers,

Welcome to Krakow! 

The Weather: Welcome to the beautiful month of September, the official start of the autumn season in Krakow - you will have lovely temperatures that will not melt you but also pretty warm and refreshing showers. Ok... maybe sometimes you might have a bit too much rain for your taste, but still you can't compare Krakow to London ;) but just in case, do take a small umbrella in your bag as a precaution. The daily temperature is around 14 degrees Celsius - lowest of 9 and highest of 19 degrees, so don't come in shorts ;) Usually the weather in Krakow, in Poland, is quite unpredictable so it's best if you check each time you leave your hotel/motel. Layering up is the best option. 
What to do: But what can one do in September in Krakow?! 
1) September is the last month to check out the Botanical Gardens at Jagiellonian University before they close for the winter and reopen in May. The gardens are free to visit and worth at least half an hour - an hour of your time in Krakow. 
2) Sacrum Profanum Festival - 9th September 2016 to 18th September 2016 - I really recommend this festival for the music lovers out there. Sacrum Profanum is a festival that presents the music of the 20th century. It connects classical with other styles and types of music. You can check more information on their website
3) Science Night - 23rd September 2016 to 25th September 2016 - Organizers of this event put together a programme of events, workshops, activities, competitions, talks and more across the region, to show just how much fun science can really be. Again, more information on their website
4) September also marks the beginning of Bajt Chadasz - Jewish Culture Month in Krakow, during which lectures, concerts, and performances take place celebrating Jewish and Polish culture. The flagship program of the Judaica Foundation is called Bayit Khaddash – Month of Encounters with Jewish Culture. Bayit Khaddash translates as 'New Home' and the program consists in series of events – from lectures to concerts to various shows – taking place in the Jewish Cultural Center almost every day from late September through November. They have been organized yearly since 1996 and every of the events may feature either Jewish or Polish cultural and historical traditions but preferably both. 
5) The annual Dachshund Parade sees dachshund owners dressing up their dogs and parading them through Krakow's historic district. Prizes are given in a variety of contest categories. This year Krakow will host it's 22nd Dachshund Parade! starting at the entrance of the Kraków Barbican and ending at the Rynek Główny.  It is no coincidence that this yearly honour is bestowed on this particular breed; Poles have always had a soft spot for the short-legged hounds :) 
Besides the fairs and the concerts and the parades that Krakow has, there are multiple museums that would be worth your time and money. But if you are low on money from buying all those awesome touristic gifts for the ones back home, fear not! I have a special post created for you about the Free Admission Days for Krakow's Museums ;) Also you might wanna try to act less touristy and more local-like and enjoy 30 Typical Things To Do In Krakow. And if you wanna have a nice breakfast to get yourself ready for the long day of walking and visiting and enjoying magical Krakow... well... trust me, in the Old Town you will want to try out one of these 7 Perfect Breakfast Places ;) Now if you have any inquiries about Krakow, be it any month or any topic, feel free to contact me on my Facebook Page :) I usually reply the same day so don't worry and have a bit of patience - the comments here might take me a while but on Facebook I am all the time ;)

Yours very sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug that loves Krakow Especially During Autumn Time :)

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