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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Warsaw - Titanic Expo

Dearest friends,

I wanted to tell you about this exhibition for a long while but I never got the chance to settle down and write about it. Then time went by and the LadyBug Baby happened... then she turned 1 month old! And I figured out that soon it will be half a year since I went to this lovely expo and it will be closed soon... and I did not manage to tell you my thoughts and feelings about it. You can still but tickets and get on a car/tram/bus/plane to Warsaw to catch it! And it's totally worth every zloty and groszy (aka "every penny"). The exhibition I wish to tell you about is the Titanic Exhibition in Warsaw. It's located inside the Palace of Culture and you should book from 2 to 3 hours to go through it thoroughly. If you are a fan of the "Unsinkable" that sank story or even if you are just a fan of history you will enjoy this expo immensely! No, it's not about the movie with Jack and Rose, but it's about the true story of the souls that got lost to the sea and the story of the ones that survived.
The lines were long since the very beginning when they opened the expo so be prepared to wait for a while. Usually there is no queue for the buying of the tickets (which you can also do online) but there is always a queue for waiting the time on the ticket to be your turn. There is a limited amount of people that can get in per hour, due to how the expo is done and how many people cat fit in the chain of rooms of the expo. But trust me, it's worth the waiting time ;) There is no photography allowed on the premises of the Titanic Exhibition but when I went online on Instagram I could see pictures from the expo, from inside, so I must tell you security is not that tight - especially when it comes to private phones where you can be fast about it and very silent and not conspicuous. But scratch taking pictured! Enjoy the items exhibited and the stories that you will hear along the way - they are truly heartbreaking and beautiful.
Seating Chair replica from the Titanic Exhibition
The tour starts by taking your own audioguide that comes in multiple languages - Marek took the Polish version and I had the English version. Then you can take a souvenir picture of yourself boarding the Titanic, with a handful of vintage luggage to choose from as prop. At the end of the tour you can pick it up - I believe it was 20 zloty for one copy. As soon as you enter the first room the story telling starts... The Titanic Exhibition is presented along a chain of rooms and corridors displaying the history of how the project was made, how the "Unsinkable" was built, it's maiden voyage towards New York (a hope for a new and better life for those in 2nd and 3rd class), the opulence of the 1st class settings, the mistake of lowering the number of safe boats in order to make more room for the promenade... every choice leading towards the tragical end: the abrupt meeting with an iceberg.
First Class Room - reproduction from the Titanic Exhibition
There are stories of the ones that made it through and the ones who deliberately stayed behind (like the whole band / orchestra who stayed on the deck and played on until the ship sank). The last rooms are dedicated to the shipwreck - pictures and movies and model parts of the ship + a bench that was "saved" from the wreckage. What really got me crying hard was the very end, the very last room, where the names of those who perished are written on the walls. Divided by class you can see how - increasing - the casualties rise from the 1st class to the 3rd. Along their names is the age as well. To think of the ones that we lost in such a great tragedy... who knows what great minds, what geniuses we would have had. That's my thought also when I think of the Second World War and Auschwitz... We hurt ourself deliberately. We always end up losing on the long run...
Titanic Exhibition - a model of the Titanic, setioned, for the display of the inner rooms
Titanic Exhibition - the famous inner stairs with the amazing clock and the beautiful wooden work
Where: The Palace of Culture in Warsaw, Poland - right next to the Warsawa Centralna  (Warsaw Central) train station - 4th floor (you can take the stairs or one of the elevators).
When: The Exhibition was opened on the 9th of April and it will remain so only until the 9th of October - be fast and book a ticket now!
How much: The full priced ticket can be 40-50 zloty according to the day of the week that you plan to visit the expo - of course in the weekend it is more expensive. There are reduced price tickets for children and the elderly. Also you can buy the tickets online but we preferred to buy it there as the physical ticket given at the premises is lovely and displayed as a "boarding pass" - we love such mementos. Later on you can use it as a fine bookmark ;)
Why should I go?! Because it's a worldwide exhibition that has received praises in every country it has been to & because this expo is one of the kind through the very fact that it has around 200 original items retrieved from the Titanic! Originals on display!

Yours sincerely,
The Twisted Red LadyBug that loves the tragic story of the Titanic. We must learn from our mistakes so we won't repeat them!

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