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Friday, 21 October 2016

10 Reasons To Fall In Love With Fall

Dear sweethearts,

Is there a more lovely time of the year than Autumn? Truly and wholehearted I agree with what Anne of Green Gables used to say, that it would be hard to live in a world without Octobers.  It's not only because in October I was born, it's also because it's the month in which you feel autumn the most. Autumn's love is grand, it's the moment in the year when all the hard work one placed on the field begins to pay off, it's when children get back to school and encounter their old friends and start learning new and exciting things (some thought they may not ever use, nonetheless it is exciting to always find out something new!), it's also the time of year when you are neither too hot not too cold and you begin to layer up but not yet like an onion ;)) it's the most warm and friendly and inviting time of the year! And after I tell you these 10 reasons to fall in love with fall I dare you to say it isn't so! :)
1. The weather is perfect: not too hot and not too cold, sunny with a side of rain. It's not winter yet so you do have to layer up as the temperature drops but you don't have to be like an onion. You can still wear flats and skirts and you can accessorise them with a large shawl or a leather jacket and you're done ;) it's not like summer when you need constant cold water / ice cream / deodorant / eau thermale sprays... you won't have to worry about makeup running or sweating or weird odours in public places (public transport).
2. Snuggling time starts - all hail warm fires, soft big blankies and cups of warm and foamy beverages... Heaven can be found in sitting quietly with a good book in your perfect armchair, snuggled up in a large blanket that covers you whole. No social media is needed, just you and a good story that can absorbe you whole...
3. The perfectly magical autumn's smell - don't you dare tell me you never felt it! It's the smell of leaves that fall and crackle under your steps, mingled up with the fresh autumn flowers, the smell of grapes and fresh wine, apple pie with cinnamon and freshly spiced wine... it's the smell of a good book, muffins baking in the oven, pumpkins crashed and wallnuts, the crisp fresh air in the mornings... Autumn's love :)
4. Nature - the trees with leaves that dance into the soft wind... people say that autumn's the season when leaves start to fall. I contradict them, it's the time when they dance away their last dance. Some are stubborn and stay up there until the first frost, some hurriedly fall right before winter kick in but most of them dance away in the friendly wind. They twist and twirl and glide, finalising their dance steps on the warm pavement or on the green changing to orange grass. They say their farewells and get crushed into dust... don't he sad, they said their story! Nature all around changes and shades of green turn to yellow and orange and red. Thousand upon thousands of shades! Magical!
5. Warm drinks become popular again :) starting from hot tea with lemon to mulled wine / beer / honey to hot chocolate with marshmallows (and as it is typical here in Poland with the additional shot of sour cherry vodka). Everything is great to warm yourself inside out when it rains or gets a bit too cold. The hot tea keeps you safe and healthy, the hot chocolate / cocoa is perfect for when you snuggled and if you go out with friends, the mulled wine is a perfect treat!
6. PUMPKINS!!! Let's face it, by himself Mr. Pumpkin is quite bland and boring! Sure it looks great as a decoration, sitting on the porch or being carved and placed in the window for Halloween (if you choose to celebrate it...) but make some pumpkin pie or some pumpkin muffins or some pumpkin spiced latte (Starbucks's number one sale item in fall, I believe!) and you have a winner! Pumpkin everyday!!!
7. Soup time! Warming you up from the inside you will want a portion everyday for lunch. Considering the cornucopia of vegetables in autumn there are so many options of soup recipes to choose from that one could do one type everyday and not repeat the recipe ;) let's start with a creamy pumpkin one!
8. Fall spice = cinnamon & Fall fruit = apple. Heavenly combination and you know it! As I write this article and think about the combination of the 2 items listed above my brain clicks and I remember the smell of freshly baked apple pie made by my granny, one of the smells of my childhood! Tell me if apple and cinnamon does not make you feel as if you would have stepped up into a forest with fresh leaves crumbling under the soles of your feet!
9. Arts revival = autumn is when theater, opera and the philharmonic box house opens again. That means you can infuse yourself again into music, sounds and motion that makes your heart vibrate. It means your eyes will water (cry), your chest will be like the ocean in storm and your brains cells with interact and your whole body will be in sync with the world - don't tell me that does not happen to you when your favourite piece plays! I always get goosebumps on Carmina Burana or when I hear the "Flower Duet" from Delibes... Heaven is a place on earth when one is in contact with Art!
10. LOVE - I truly believe that "Fall" has this name due to "Falling in love". Some people celebrate love on 14th February with Valentines Day but I believe the best time to fall in love is Fall - one can snuggle with their better half, they can go out for some hot cocoa or for an evening at the Opera. She will get cold and he will give her the coat... Her scarf will flow in the darkness and she will smell of cinnamon... and he will open his long black umbrella and be a gentleman, shading her from the soft rain.

How can one not fall in love with Fall?! Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower - Camus had that right ;) how about you - have you fallen in love with Fall? What are your reasons - I would love to hear them out ;)

Yours sincerly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves Autumn

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